Custom Panthers Jersey Panthers survive furious comeback, stay undefeated

After building a 35-7 lead, the Panthers (14-0) were forced to sweat out a 38-35 win over the New York Giants (6-8) to stay undefeated. Here’s what we learned:

1. The Panthers typically close well. This was not a typical game.Custom Panthers Jersey A blocked field goal, fumbled handoff and a streak of three-and-outs let the Giants come back in the game.Youth Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey. Give the Giants a ton of credit for not giving up in a seemingly hopeless situation. Eli Manning often does his best work in the hurry up.

2. After 28 unanswered points by the Giants, Cam Newton calmly led a game-winning field goal drive after getting the ball back with less than two minutes left. The drive featured the best of Newton: Bullets on throws up the seams,
Custom Patriots Jersey and two massive first-down runs by Newton. Cam threw for 340 yards with five scores and ran for another 100 yards. (No player has ever done that before.) Just hand him the MVP now.

3. Josh Norman and Odell Beckham’s matchup turned into a sideshow. Beckham was lucky not to get kicked out of the game for going after Norman following the whistle throughout the matchup. Most notably, Beckham hit Norman with a blindside helmet-to-helmet hit after one play.Women’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap. Norman was lucky not to be concussed and we’ll be surprised if Beckham isn’t fined. Norman had his share of fighting back, but Beckham got a pair of personal foul penalties. While Beckham had 76 yards and a score, keying the Giants’ tying drive, he also had a crucial drop early that would have been a long touchdown.

4. The Panthers missed Jonathan Stewart. Backup Cameron Artis-Payne fumbled the ball in the fourth quarter and Carolina’s running backs struggled to find room all afternoon.Custom Bengals Jersey They were held to 71 rushing yards on 21 carries. This victory was all about Newton’s running and ability to fit passes into tight windows.

5. The Giants aren’t out of the NFC East race at 6-8 yet, but they need help. They would have a solid chance to win the division if they finish 8-8. Then again,Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey, there’s a reason why they’ve only won two consecutive games once all season. The defense is dreadful.

6. Jason Pierre-Paul continued to show up in this game with a big sack and a pass deflection made with his trademark club.Personalized NFL Football Jersey He’s helping his free-agent value.

7. Ted Ginn had 11 touchdowns as a receiver in his career before this season. He now has 10 receiving TDs after two more Sunday.

Custom Panthers Jersey Ending the Terror Campaign Against Muslims

Most of us recall the anti-Muslim violence that skyrocketed in the wake of 9/11. Brown men and women perceived to be Muslim were murdered,Youth Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey,
attacked, spat on and threatened. Mosques were vandalized with bullets, rocks and Molotov cocktails. Many Muslims cancelled their plans to visit or study in the United States out of concerns for their safety, while those already within our borders feared the worst for themselves and their children.

Despite the pleas of the Bush administration to not blame all Muslims for the violent acts of a few, such language was rendered meaningless by the actions of the U.S. government. In response to 9/11, the U.S. government subjected Muslims in the United States to persistent harassment and intimidation and implemented formal policies to abduct Muslims from all corners of the globe,Custom Panthers Jersey torture Muslims at CIA black sites, hold Muslims in secret prisons, and deny Muslim detainees even the most basic due process. There were calls for the U.S. military to “nuke” Islamic countries, and for Americans to defeat Islam before it could defeat the United States.

Sadly, violence, intimidation and discrimination against Muslims have remained a staple of U.S. culture since 9/11. And in the aftermath of the violent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, we are again seeing a dramatic surge in Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale discrimination against Muslims in the United States. This time, the hateful rhetoric is directed at a very particular group of Muslims — those fleeing for their lives from war-torn Syria.

Dozens of state governors have already expressed an opposition to opening U.S. borders to Syrian refugees. Citing a concern for their constituents’ safety, their stance is predicated on an assumed link between Muslims and violence.Men’s Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey.

Two Republican candidates for president — Texas Senator Ted Cruz and former Florida governor Jeb Bush — have made this assumption explicit by calling for the United States to instead focus on the safety of Christians fleeing Syria,Personalized NFL Football Jersey contrasting the implicit trust in those who share the faith of most Americans against the deeply-ingrained fear of Muslims.

Another Republican candidate for president — Donald Trump — has called for a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Terrorism is real, and fear is a natural response. But how we react to our fear is a choice, and that choice serves as a reflection of our values.Custom Patriots Jersey We can respond with language and actions that promote a culture of hatred and violence against those who practice a faith unknown to the majority of Americans. Or, we can respond in a way that comports with our values of inclusion, diversity, and protection of those seeking refuge.

We can choose to honor those who have been the victims of hatred and violence since 9/11 by refusing to be blinded by the shameful discrimination promulgated by those like Cruz, Bush and Trump — and instead, seek to promote a culture of understanding, acceptance and kindness.

In the wake of tragedy and fear, we have an opportunity to be our best selves, to unite in our common humanity and quest for peace.Men’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey. We are a country that prides itself on our diversity; indeed, our diversity is so often the source of our strength and resilience.

Let us reject the notion that there should be a religious test for our compassion,Custom Bengals Jersey  and instead open our arms and our hearts to families fleeing violence and war. Let us resist the urge to fear the worst about those we do not know, and instead provide hope to those seeking a better life for themselves and their children.

There is already too much terror in the world. Let us choose decency.

Custom Panthers Jersey Ryan Mallett: Getting cut was the best thing for me

Ryan Mallett is getting a fresh start with the Baltimore Ravens.Custom Panthers Jersey The quarterback admits he has no one to blame but himself for the sudden end to his career in Houston.

Mallett was released by the Texans last month after missing a team flight to Miami. He had repeated instances of tardiness with the Texans and was seen pouting on the sidelines after been pulled in favor of Brian Hoyer during a prime-time game against the Colts.Men’s Nike Personalized Carolina Panthers Elite Alternate Powder Blue NFL Jersey.

“I acted immaturely at some games in Houston,” Mallett told Baltimore reporters Wednesday, according to the Houston Chronicle. “There were reasons for it,Custom Patriots Jersey but that’s not going to be discussed right now. The best thing probably was for me to be cut.”

The Chronicle reported that Mallett received professional help for his Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale undisclosed personal issues, according to sources not authorized to speak publicly.

“It was a piece of humble pie, but it digested real quickly,” Mallett said of his release. “I’m just here to try to be a good teammate and contribute any way I can for the Ravens.”

The Ravens have QB issues. Joe Flacco is shelved with a torn ACL and Matt Schaub (chest, shoulder) returned to practice Wednesday after missing Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks.Custom Bengals Jersey Mallett likely has the inside track for the primary backup job in 2016 if he can keep it together.

“I think everybody is on that kind of trial in life,” said Ravens coach John Harbaugh. “When you get a couple of strikes against you, it certainly brings it into sharp focus. He has an opportunity to make the best of it,Men’s Nike Custom Made Cincinnati Bengals Elite Team Color Black NFL Football Jersey, and he’s determined to do that. What he makes of it really in the end is up to him.”

Don’t be surprised if Mallett sees some action before the end of the season.
Personalized NFL Football Jersey December is about evaluation for the Ravens this year.

Custom Redskins Jersey U.S. Navy Commander Implies China Has Eroded Safety of South China Sea

BEIJING — A senior American naval commander has implicitly accused China of creating “so-called military zones” close to artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea, declaring that such actions are eroding the security of one of the world’s busiest waterways.

In a speech in Honolulu on Monday, the commander, Adm. Scott H. Swift of the United States Pacific Fleet,Custom Redskins Jersey said commercial ships that had previously sailed freely through international shipping lanes were being diverted from areas deemed to be too close to the artificial islands built by the Chinese in the Spratly archipelago.

Admiral Swift, who visited China last month, said that routine commercial and military operations in the South China Sea had become subject to warnings, interrupting the freedom of navigation, as well as air rights,Men’s Nike Washington Redskins Customized Elite Team Road Red White Two Tone Jersey, to such an extent that the “unilateral assertiveness” was becoming a trend that was “unacceptable.”

Countries in the region are being forced to finance their navies beyond what is needed for self-defense, he said, implying that this was heightening the risk of an arms race.

Although Admiral Swift did not say as much, it was clear he was referring to China.

By mentioning “so-called military zones,” he was offering a counterpoint to an assertion by President Xi Jinping of China during a visit to Washington in
Custom Broncos Jersey September that China did “not intend to pursue militarization” of islands in the South China Sea.

The admiral’s speech, delivered to a regional security forum, was his second concerning the South China Sea since October, and was tougher in tone than his previous warnings about the situation. Officials from China were invited to the forum but did not attend, a Pacific Fleet official said.

The South China Sea has become one of the most serious strategic problems between China and the United States, largely because Washington challenges Beijing’s right to enlarge tiny specks in the waterway into islands big enough to accommodate military runways and radar equipment. The waterway is Youth Nike Custom Made Washiongton Redskins Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Cheap important to China militarily and commercially: About 75 percent of its oil imports arrive by sea, according to China Energy News, a state-run publication.

In October, the United States dispatched a guided missile destroyer, the Lassen, on a freedom-of-navigation patrol within the 12-nautical-mile limit of Mischief Reef, one of the new artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago claimed by China. Other claimants of reefs and islands in the Spratlys include Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Admiral Swift said that fishermen from the region were also threatened.

“Intimidated by the manner in which some navies,Personalized Redskins Jersey coast guards and maritime military enforce claims in contested waters, fishermen who trawled the seas freely for generations are facing threats to their livelihoods imposed by nations with unresolved, and often unrecognized, claims,” he said.

In reaction to Admiral Swift’s speech, a spokesman at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hong Lei, said on Tuesday that “some country” — an obvious reference to the United States — was “deliberately” exaggerating tensions in the region with the purpose of creating “chaos.”


A Pacific Fleet spokesman, asked for specific examples of commercial ships that had been forced to change their route because of orders from the Chinese Navy, said he would need time to research the answer.

Tussles between Chinese vessels and fishing trawlers from other nations around the South China Sea have occurred for years. But the Chinese vessels have been emboldened by a new Chinese law this year that requires foreign fishing vessels to obtain permission to enter waters that China claims.

Trawlers from the Philippines and Vietnam have reported being hosed by Chinese water cannons this year and being robbed at gunpoint. In September, Vietnam said a Chinese vessel had sunk one of its fishing boats near the Paracel Islands, which are claimed by China and Vietnam.

Admiral Swift’s remarks came as the BBC reported that a single-engine Cessna 206 aircraft rented by one of its television crews for filming the creation of artificial islands in the South China Sea had been warned by the Chinese Navy to turn back as it neared each of three artificial islands.

The plane was identified incorrectly by the Chinese as a military aircraft and ordered to leave the airspace around the islands China has built, the BBC said.

When the plane headed southwest toward Fiery Cross Reef, known as Yongshu Jiao in Chinese,Personalized Washington Redskins Jersey and was close to 20 nautical miles to the reef where the Chinese have built a major runway, a voice came over the radio, the BBC said.

“Foreign military aircraft to northwest of Yongshu Island, this is the Chinese Navy. You are threatening the security of our station,” the voice said, according to the BBC account.

When the plane flew toward Gaven Reef and Mischief Reef, also places where the Chinese have undertaken construction, there were similar warnings from the Chinese, the BBC said.

As the BBC plane turned back toward the Philippines, it came across a military aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force patrolling the region that had apparently received orders from the Chinese to leave.

The BBC reported the Australian pilot saying: “China Navy, China Navy. We are an Australian aircraft exercising international freedom-of-navigation rights, in international airspace in accordance with the international civil aviation convention and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Over.”

In the Australian capital, Canberra, the country’s Defense Department said that an AP-3C Orion had conducted routine maritime patrols from Nov. 25 to Dec. 4 as part of a regular surveillance operation intended to preserve “regional security and stability” in Southeast Asia.

As Washington’s strongest ally in the Pacific region, the Australian government has increasingly expressed concerns about China’s behavior in the South China Sea.

Australia has operated the Orion aircraft from a base in the Malaysian state of Penang for a range of duties in the Asia Pacific region,Women’s Nike Custom Made Washiongton Redskins Elite Alternate Burgundy Red Jersey, including during the war in Afghanistan, according to Peter Jennings, executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute in Canberra.

Australia conducts surveillance flights for its own intelligence purposes and not as part of a joint operation with the United States, he said. So far, the flights over the South China Sea have been irregular and conducted without much fanfare, although David Johnston, the former Australian defense minister, mentioned them in a speech in Singapore last year, Mr. Jennings said.

The tone of Admiral Swift’s speech showed that the standoff between China and the United States and its allies over the South China Sea was becoming increasingly difficult to resolve, Mr. Jennings said.

“It’s very hard to see how there can be a compromise between China’s assertion of sovereign control over the vast majority of the South China Sea inside the Nine Dash Line and freedom of navigation,” he said,Men’s Nike Personalized Washington Redskins Elite Red Team Color Jersey for Sale,referring to a line drawn by the Chinese that roughly encircles more than 80 percent of the waterway.

Asked on Tuesday about the BBC flight and the warning from the Chinese Navy, Mr. Hong of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China had “indisputable sovereignty” over the Spratly Islands.

Personalized Baltimore Ravens Jersey Eagles control their playoff hopes in weak division

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — They’re not talking about firing Chip Kelly anymore.

The Philadelphia Eagles control their playoff hopes following their second straight win, 23-20 over Buffalo on Sunday. Despite a 6-7 record,Personalized Baltimore Ravens Jersey they’re tied for first place in a mediocre NFC East and would clinch the division by winning out.

It’s quite a turnaround in two weeks.

After three straight losses to losing teams, including two blowouts,Customized Ravens Jersey the Eagles were 4-7 and fans in Philadelphia had soured on Kelly. Some media and many fans wanted owner Jeffrey Lurie to pull the plug on Kelly in just his third season, even though he was 10-6 each of the first two years.

But a stunning 35-28 win at New England changed everything. A win over the Bills put them in the driver’s seat in the East.Custom Baltimore Ravens Jersey The Eagles host theWashington Redskins (6-7) on Dec. 26 and finish at the New York Giants (5-7). Both games will have more playoff implications than this week’s game against Arizona (11-2).

”I told those guys that sometimes they don’t see in them what we see in them,” Kelly said Monday. ”I thought we had a really good football team and what we Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey did in New England wasn’t a surprise to us. We had great confidence in them as a group.”

It’s no coincidence the Eagles got back on the winning track when Sam Bradford returned after missing 2 1/2 games. Bradford has steadily improved since the start of the season.Youth Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.
He has a better grasp of the offense and has shaken the rust after missing 1 1/2 seasons following two knee operations.

The Eagles are 6-2 in the last eight games Bradford has started and finished. He has five touchdown passes and only one interception in his last four games.

”To start the year the way we did and kind of dig ourselves in a hole, it was unlikely that we would be in this position this late in the year,” Bradford said. ”But for us to control our own destiny where we don’t have to depend on anyone else, and if we take care of our business,Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey, we will end up where we want to be. I think that’s all you can ask for.”

Bradford is playing the final season of his rookie contract he signed after St. Louis drafted him No. 1 overall in 2010. Few fans wanted him to stay only a couple weeks ago. But Kelly’s long-term plans include Bradford.

”We wouldn’t have traded for him if we thought he was going to be here for a year,” Kelly said.

Bradford and the rest of the offense still have a long way to go. They haven’t been consistent for an entire game most of the season.Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

”There are some things that we can do better,” Bradford said. ”I think that we can perform at a higher level. Obviously, we are still not great out there.”

Customized Cardinals Jersey Packers take over North with edgy win over Cowboys

The Green Bay Packers (9-4) took over sole possession of the NFC North with Sunday’s gritty 28-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys (4-9). Here’s what you need to know:

1. With coach Mike McCarthy taking back Green Bay’s playcalling, the Packers shook off an early goal-line stand by the Cowboys to score a pair of first-half touchdowns.Customized Cardinals Jersey It looked like the offense might explode from there, but too many drives still ended in punts for an attack gifted with Aaron Rodgers under center. Last year’s MVP was marvelous out of the gate, drawing first blood off a well-designed, 13-yard screen pass to James Starks that baffled the Dallas secondary. From there, Rodgers finished 22-of-35 passing for 218 yards and two touchdowns as McCarthy unfurled a balanced attack that piled up 230 yards on the ground and another 205 through the air. Give the Dallas defense credit for hanging around, but there was no stopping the Packers once their ground game caught fire down the stretch.

2. How often do you see two teams stopped at the goal line on back-to-back drives? Before thePackers fizzled out at the Dallas 1, Cowboys quarterback Matt Cassel authored a red-zone meltdown of his own, throwing an interception on his opening drive that bounced off Dez Bryant’s hands in the end zone. Unlike the Packers, though, Dallas couldn’t rely on their signal-caller to play the hero.Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Custom Made Elite Alternate All Black Football Jersey Shirt. Cassel was putrid, passing for 3.9 yards per attempt and repeatedly throwing short of the sticks as Dallas finished 1-of-11 on third downs.

3. About getting those playmakers involved: Packers wideout Randall Cobb piled up his most catches (eight) since Week 2 and yards (81) since Week 9, while hard-charging Eddie Lacy ripped through the Cowboys for 124 yards at 5.2 yards per rush, making his biggest runs as the fourth quarter ticked away.Personalized Atlanta Falcons Jersey Lacy looks healthy and powerful, but don’t forget about Starks (11/71), who sealed the game with a beautiful 30-yard touchdown burst that helped Green Bay pile up their most yards on the ground since Week 12 of 2004.

4. Give Darren McFadden some love. After a 50-yard rumble in the first half, the Cowboys back (9/111) opened the third quarter with a 45-yard dart down the sideline. Robert Turbin then ripped off a 22-yard run before slicing in for a Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey seven-yard score to cut Green Bay’s lead to 14-7. Cassel didn’t throw a pass on the drive, which is the best way to use Matt Cassel.

5. A head injury to Sam Shields left first-round Packers cornerback Damarious Randall to cover Bryant. With just one catch for nine yards when Randall took over,Women’s Nike Customized Atlanta Falcons Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform, Dez was shut out down the stretch with three killer drops against a Packers defense that countered by using three-safety looks over the final two quarters.

6. Green Bay’s Jeff Janis was the game’s standout special-teamer,Custom Atlanta Falcons Youth Jersey blowing up a pair of punt returns that kept the Cowboys at bay.

7. The loss leaves Dallas two games behind the Redskins and Eagles, and one game behind theGiants in the NFC East. Barring a miracle, it’s curtains for the Cowboys.Youth Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey. It’s not true for the Packersthough, who own the North and remain poised for the NFC’s third seed with games left against theRaiders, Cardinals and Vikings.

Personalized Atlanta Falcons Jersey Israel’s Occupation Is Morally Indefensible

I have long maintained that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank defies the moral principle behind the creation of the state. Contrary to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s assertion, the occupation erodes rather than buttresses Israel’s national security and cannot be justified on either security or moral grounds. Personalized Atlanta Falcons Jersey Unless Israel embraces a new moral path, no one can prevent it from unravelling from within only to become a pariah state that has lost its soul, wantonly abandoning the cherished dreams of its founding fathers.

There are four ethical theories–Kantian, utilitarian, virtue-based, and religious–that demonstrate the lack of moral foundation in the continuing occupation, which imposes upon Israelis the responsibility to bring it to a decisive end.

The first moral theory is deontological ethics, whose greatest representative is Immanuel Kant. According to this theory, consequences are irrelevant to the moral rightness or wrongness of an action; what matters is whether the action is done for the sake of duty or out of respect for the moral law.

Kant provided several formulations of the moral law, which he refers to as the categorical imperative; for our purposes, what is most important are his first two formulations.Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Custom Made Elite Alternate All Black Football Jersey Shirt. The first is the principle that morality requires us to act only on those maxims we can universalize. As he puts it, “Act only on that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.” In short, never do anything that you couldn’t will everybody else do at the same time.

The question is whether the Israeli occupation is a policy that can be universalized and pass this test of moral reasoning. The answer is clearly no; the policy of occupation is rationally inconsistent, as it requires Israel to exempt itself from moral and political norms that the rest of the international Custom Atlanta Falcons Youth Jersey community recognizes (and which serve to protect Israel itself). Israel is making an exception of itself – which is the capital sin, according to Kant, as in effect Israel is saying: ‘We don’t have to live by the same rules as everyone else.’ This is evident from the fact that Israel denies the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and justifies that in the name of national security, even though the achievement of absolute security would invariably render the Palestinians absolutely vulnerable.

Whereas Israel has agreed to a two-state solution, it continues to usurp Palestinian land, thereby violating international agreements which Israel is signatory to (UN Resolution 242, the Oslo Accords). In doing so, Israel is clearly defying the first formulation of the categorical imperative, which as Kant showed, requires us to honor our agreements and contracts. That is, Israel is acting on a maxim or policy of breaking its agreements to serve its self-interest, which cannot be universalized without contradiction because then the institution of reaching international agreements cannot be sustained.

Although many countries break international contracts, that does not affect Kant’s argument as he knew full well that people lie, cheat, and steal.Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey. His concern is with the principle of morality and what it requires regardless of whether these requirements are in fact met. By maintaining the occupation, Israel is flouting the moral law while expecting the Palestinians to uphold the same norms.

The second formulation is to never treat another person merely as a means, but always also as an end in themselves. In other words, what Kant is saying is that as free rational beings who can act in accordance with morality, each of us possesses intrinsic worth which implies that we must respect the inherent dignity of each individual.

In the case of the Palestinians who are under occupation, Israel is treating them as objects rather than persons who can rationally consent to the way they are being treated. Israel is coercing the Palestinians physically and psychologically by denying them human rights, through, for example, administrative detention, night raids, and expulsion, thereby robbing them of their dignity and denying them their autonomy.

The second moral theory is Utilitarianism, which in its modern form originated in England with the works of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. In contrast to Kantianism, this theory places all emphasis on the consequences of our actions. It states that an action is morally right if it produces the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people.

The moral evaluation of any policy depends on whether it maximizes utility. Utilitarianism agrees with Kant on one fundamental point, which is that morality prohibits making an exception of oneself. For obvious reasons, governments give greater priority to their own people. But does the occupation maximize the security and well-being of all Israelis?

In spite of the fact that Israel takes extraordinary measures to enhance its security, the occupation is in fact undermining the security of the state,Women’s Nike Customized Atlanta Falcons Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform,as is evident from the repeated bloody clashes. Moreover, if Israel were to extend its moral considerations beyond its own people to include the Palestinians, then the policy of occupation still fails on utilitarian grounds even more acutely.

To be sure, while Israel resorts to utilitarian arguments to justify its treatment of the Palestinians, in the process Israel reveals the classic pitfall of utilitarian thinking, which is that it ultimately does not provide sufficient protection and respect for human rights.Customized Cardinals Jersey This contempt for human rights in fact directly erodes Israel’s moral standing within the community of nations.

The third moral theory is virtue ethics, whose greatest advocate is still Aristotle. In virtue ethics, an act is moral if it is performed as a result of having a virtuous character. Virtue ethics is not primarily about codifying and applying moral principles, but developing the character from which moral actions arise. In this context, the Israeli occupation, while having a major adverse effect on the Palestinians, also has a morally corrupting influence on Israelis themselves.

Virtue ethics recognizes the importance of acquiring the habit to act ethically which involves moral upbringing; as Aristotle is to have said, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” The occupation is not educating Israeli youth towards moral virtues, but hardening their hearts as they can live with regular prejudices, discrimination, and dehumanization against the Palestinians. As such, the occupation fails to meet the principles of virtue ethics because it creates an environment which degrades the moral substance of the Israelis themselves. As a result, they continue to commit transgressions against the Palestinians without any sense of moral culpability.

One might argue from a certain Israeli perspective (i.e. the settlement movement) that the occupation engenders virtues such as national solidarity, social cohesiveness, loyalty, courage, and perseverance. While this may appear to be true on the surface, the occupation is in fact tearing the Israelis’ social and political fabric apart and undermining the conditions under which moral virtues such as caring, compassion, and magnanimity can grow and thrive.

Moreover, the longer the occupation persists, the greater the damage is to Israel’s moral character, and Israel will become increasingly disposed to compromising its fundamental values and ideals as a democracy committed to human rights.

Finally, we need to consider the moral theory which says morality is acting in accordance with what divinity commands from us. There are two basic theories, both of which can be traced back to Plato’s Euthyphro where Socrates raises the question: “…whether the pious or holy is beloved by the gods because it is holy, or holy because it is beloved of the gods.”

The first is the divine command theory, which states that what makes an action moral or right is the fact that God commands it and nothing else. The second theory, defended by Socrates, is that God commands us to do what is right because it is the right thing to do. In other words, morality precedes God’s will and is irreducible to divine command.

In the context of this ancient debate, the usurpation and annexation of Palestinian land may appear to be defensible on the basis of the divine command theory because if God requires us to perform any set of actions, then by definition it would be the moral thing to do.

Many orthodox Jews hold to the divine command theory, as they interpret the concept of “mitzvah” (good deed) first and foremost as “command,” the goodness of which cannot even be contemplated apart from the fact that this is what God has commanded us to do.

As such, those who take the Bible as the revelation of God’s commands use it to justify the concept of Greater Israel. As a result,Youth Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey, they view the Palestinian presence as an impediment God placed before them to test their resolve. Therefore, their harsh treatment of the Palestinians becomes morally permissible because it is consistent with divine decree.

By adopting the command theory, they are ascribing to a position which has and continues to be used to justify acts which are blatantly immoral. The defender of this theory may counter that because God is good, he does not command anything which is immoral.

However, this argument is hollow because if morality is simply what God approves of, to say that God is good is merely to assert that he approves of himself and his own will. In this case, there is still no safeguard against the extremists who use the command theory to justify even the most heinous crimes. Furthermore, if the command in question satisfies a deep seated psychological need–say, for a God-given Jewish homeland–then what humans ascribe to God eventually becomes ‘the will of God.’

Another problem with the divine command theory is that, as the philosopher Gottfried Leibniz observed, it turns God into a kind of Tyrant unworthy of our love and devotion: “For why praise him for what he has done, if he would be equally praiseworthy for doing just the opposite?”

Turning to the theory that God commands us to do the good because it is good, what becomes clear is that any action must derive its moral worth independently of God’s will. In that case, the Israeli policy toward the occupation will have to be morally justifiable without reference to some divine mandate. We have already examined, however briefly, Israel’s policy in light of deontology, utilitarianism, and virtue ethics, and found that it comes up short and fails to meet the basic requirement of these theories. Therefore, it lacks independent moral justification on which God’s commands could possibly be based on.

Israel’s occupation cannot be defended on moral grounds or in terms of national security. Israel can defend itself and prevail over any of its enemies now and in the foreseeable future, but it is drowning in moral corruption that the continued occupation only deepens. It is that–the enemy from within–that poses the greatest danger Israel faces.

Bernie Sanders for President:Customized Cardinals Jersey 10 Reasons

I first saw Bernie Sanders speak in early November 1993, when I went to a brown bag lunch he held for voters in Montpelier, Vermont, a few days before NAFTA was passed. At that lunch, he explained how NAFTA would undermine workers rights, and American democracy.Customized Cardinals Jersey He turned out to be years ahead of his time.

But I bring it up now because it relates to why I am proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

Sanders is a fearless, experienced leader capable of seeing the truth, and standing up to big private power, even when its almost impossibly hard. President Sanders would always keep the humble, struggling, proud citizen at the center of what he does.

Here are 10 reasons for my support:

1. Congressman Sanders voted against the Iraq war, showing judgment and leadership when it mattered,Personalized Arizona Cardinals Jersey and has held consistent and careful foreign policy views.

2. Senator Sanders has been a leader on finance, supporting a new Glass Steagall and introducing his own bills to break up the big banks.Men’s Nike Personalized Arizona Cardinals Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap.

3. Senator Sanders has led the fight against the XL pipeline, and for wind, sun, geothermal, and all renewable sources of energy.

4. Congressman Sanders opposed NAFTA, and has been a leader in the opposition to the TPP.

5. He has spent his career fighting private prisons and overcriminalization.

6. He has always understood the vital role that unions and institutions play in a more equal America, and fought for workers’ rights.Youth Nike Customized Arizona Cardinals Elite Alternate Black Jersey Sale.

7. He has long fought against high-stakes standardized tests.

8. He is a lifelong advocate for veterans, and a leader in health clinics and access to dental care and basic services.

9. He always been practical, with a long career of working across all party lines with respect.

10. Most importantly, President Sanders would put fundamental reform–including public financing of elections–at the heart of what he does.

America is in pain, and democracy is in crisis. Twenty Americans have more money than the bottom half of Americans.Customized Arizona Cardinals Youth Jersey According to the New York Times, 158 families made half of all the donations so far in the presidential race. We have a private campaign finance system gives private companies and billionaires control over government. That’s not American democracy.

I endorse Sanders because of my deep patriotism, my belief that democracy is possible and a thriving economy is possible, and we don’t need to beg at the feet of the wealthiest donors to have a collective life worth living. Sanders has always paid attention to the root threats: inequity and excess elite power.Women’s Arizona Cardinals Nike Custom Made Elite Red Team Color Jersey Cheap. He always explained in patient detail the way that privately financed elections and outside spending totally destroy our democracy. There is too much fear in our political life: he brings big dreams instead.

I thrilled to endorse on the same day as the Working Families Party endorsement. The WFP endorsement is a huge boost for Sanders’ campaign. While Sanders has generated lots of grassroots enthusiasm, few organizations have stepped forward to endorse him. I believe the WFP endorsement will help encourage more organizations to step out boldly in support of his campaign and in support of the democratic revolution.

Sanders showed judgment, leadership, and a willingness to be his own person in his first years in Congress when I saw him at that brown bag lunch, and he will show judgment, leadership, and a willingness to be his own person as President.

I am proud to endorse him.** I hope you join me.

*It was a consequential and memorable lunch for me in other ways — in the elevator on the way there, I met Howard Dean’s then-Chief of Staff, who suggested that I apply for a job on his campaign the following year.Men’s Nike Arizona Cardinals Customized Elite Away White Jersey Sale. I did, beginning my own life as a campaigner and organizer.

**This is in my private role as a citizen. MAYDAY.US is not making any Presidential endorsements.

Customized Patriots Jersey California shooters borrowed $28,000 before attack: source

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (Reuters) – A married couple who killed 14 people in a California shooting rampage the FBI is investigating as an act of terrorism Customized Patriots Jersey borrowed about $28,000 from an online lender, a sum deposited into their bank account about two weeks before the attack, sources said on Tuesday.

Disclosure of the unsecured loan the husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, took out from San Francisco-based Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending service, offered a new glimpse into the money trail under scrutiny by investigators of last week’s mass shooting.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has described Farook, the U.S.-born son of Pakistani immigrants, and his Pakistani-born wife,Personalized NE Patriots Jersey Tashfeen Malik, 29, as a couple “radicalized” by Islamic extremist ideology.

Malik, who spent a good portion of her life in Saudi Arabia and married Farook there before returning with him to California in the summer of 2014, is believed by investigators to have pledged allegiance on Facebook to the leader of the militant group Islamic State just before the killings.

The wife’s extremist views took form before she came to the United States,
Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale, but it remains to be seen whether she and her husband were indoctrinated by other individuals or whether they turned to radical ideology on their own, the FBI has said.

Authorities say the heavily armed couple opened fire on Farook’s co-workers Customized Patriots Women’s Jersey from the county Environmental Health Department during a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center social services agency in San Bernardino, about 60 miles (100 km) east of Los Angeles.

Fourteen people were killed and 21 others were wounded in the assault. The couple died several hours later in a shootout with police.

If the massacre – the deadliest burst of U.S. gun violence in three years – proves to have been the work of killers inspired by Islamic militants, it would mark the most lethal such attack in the United States since Sept. 11, 2001.

Syed Rizwan Farook is pictured in this undated handout photo provided by the FBI, December 4, 2015.  …

In yet another twist to the case, state marital records examined by Reuters on Men’s Nike Customized New England Patriots Elite Throwback Red Alternate Football Jersey Tuesday revealed that the man said by authorities to have furnished the couple with the two assault-style rifles used in the attack was related by marriage to Farook’s family.

Specifically, Enrique Marquez, whose home was raided over the weekend and was being questioned by federal investigators on Tuesday, became married last year to Mariya Chernykh, whose sister is married to Farook’s older brother, Raheel Farook.

While investigations into assaults branded as acts of terrorism often focus on the money behind them, U.S. government officials said the FBI’s examination of the couple’s finances has not linked them with any foreign group.


Still, one government source told Reuters that Farook and Malik apparently followed a pattern set by other militants who drained their bank accounts and exhausted credit lines before embarking on what they believed would be a Women’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap suicide mission.

A separate source told Reuters that Prosper, a San Francisco-based online lender, made a $28,500 collateral-free loan to Farook in mid-November. Loans made by Prosper, which processes borrowers’ applications and evaluates their credit-worthiness, are originated by the third-party bank WebBank, based in Salt Lake City. Prosper then sells its loans to investors.

Fox News first reported on Monday that a deposit of $28,500 was made into Farook’s bank account from on Nov. 18, and that Farook converted $10,000 in cash, which he withdrew from a Union Bank branch in San Bernardino around Nov. 20. Fox also reported at least three $5,000 transfers were made in the days before the shooting,Youth Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap, apparently to Farook’s mother.

WebBank issued a statement expressing condolences to victims of the San Bernardino shooting but declined further comment, citing confidentiality restrictions.

In addition to the pair of rifles and semi-automatic handguns they carried the day of the killings, the couple were found to have amassed thousands of rounds of ammunition, along with explosives and other materials for making as many as 19 pipe bombs, according to the FBI.

One booby-trap consisting of three pipe bombs rigged to a remote-controlled device that failed to detonate was left by the killers at the scene of the attack, apparently intended to go off as police and emergency personnel swarmed the location, law enforcement officials said.


Meanwhile, the family connection revealed between Marquez and Farook added a new dimension to links under investigation between the two men.

Neighbors of Marquez have said the two had been close friends, and the Farook brothers lived next door to Marquez when they were growing up, through the brothers had since moved.

Federal law enforcement sources told Reuters that Marquez, who they characterized as a key witness, had checked himself into a Los Angeles-area psychiatric facility soon after the shooting, but they were interviewing him on Tuesday.

Officials for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have previously said all the guns seized in the investigation had been purchased legally from licensed firearms dealers in California between 2007 and 2012, with Marquez identified as the buyer of the two assault rifles.

The marriage documents show Marquez and Chernykh were wed on Nov. 29, 2014, a few months after Farook and Malik were married and returned to the United States. Raheel Farook and his wife, Tatiana, were witnesses to the Marquez-Chernykh nuptials.

While Farook and Malik may have been inspired by Islamic State or other extremists, U.S. government sources have said there was no evidence the San Bernardino attack was directed by the militant group or that Islamic State even knew of them.

FBI Director James Comey said on Friday that no information had been unearthed suggesting the killers were part of an extremist cell or network.

Still, issues of gun control, national security and immigration have reverberated in the U.S. presidential campaign from the first moment that authorities Men’s Nike New England Patriots Personalized Team Road Navy Blue White Two Tone NFL Jersey suggested that Islamic extremism may have played some role in last week’s attack.

On Sunday President Barack Obama urged Americans in a nationally televised address to avoid the scapegoating of Muslims. But a day later, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump singled out Islam as a threat by calling for a blanket prohibition on Muslims entering the United States.

“We have no choice but to do this,” Trump told ABC News on Tuesday. He said the ban would be temporary. “We have people that want to blow up our buildings, our cities. We have to figure out what’s going on.”

Even before the San Bernardino killings, the Obama administration had drawn fire from political conservatives for its plan to allow 10,000 refugees from Syria’s civil war into the United States, feeding concerns about anti-Islam sentiments.

Police in Philadelphia were investigating an incident in which a pig’s head was thrown at a mosque early on Monday morning.

Customized Panthers Jersey The American Nationalism Problem

America has a nationalism problem. The U.S. has been described as the melting pot, a nation of immigrants and the Land of Opportunity. Indeed,Customized Panthers Jersey the story we tell ourselves is that the American identity is rooted not in place, but in the acceptance of a common set of ideals, irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity. The politics of the last decade, however, have strained the notion of e pluribus unum, revealing among whites three definitions of the American nation that are exclusive rather than inclusive.

First come the “Unhyphenated Americans”. For decades, the Census Bureau has asked Americans “to what country does this person draw their heritage?” Among whites, German (17 percent), Irish (16 percent), and English (14 percent) are the most common responses. But about one in twelve whites Americans indicated Cheap Men’s Nike Carolina Panthers Custom Made Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey they are just “Americans,” indicating an indigenous white identity unconnected to any particular European ethnicity. These Unhyphenated Americans are distinct. They are more likely to be fundamentalist Protestants. Nearly two thirds of them live in the Census South, and especially in Greater Appalachia.

The highest rate of “American” identity is among young rural whites with limited education. Recent surveys find that whites with an “unhyphenated” identity are increasingly voting very conservative and perceive a cultural threat from foreign influences.Personalized Carolina Panthers Jersey They also call themselves ethnic “Americans” for patriotic reasons. They favor a stronger national defense. And, they are more likely to think that an individual’s life chances are tied to their racial identity (what Michael Dawson called “linked fate”).

Historic data from the General Social Survey shows that Unhyphenated Americans are no more racially conservative than other Americans.Men’s Nike Personalized Carolina Panthers Elite Alternate Powder Blue NFL Jersey. The exception is that they are consistently less likely to vote for a hypothetical black candidate for president, or,since 2008, an actual one. They are also increasingly less likely to vote for Democrats in general.


Then there are the Christian Nationalists. The most visible religious tension in American politics is between the Establishment Clause and the long tradition of Protestant ownership of the moral nation. Christian Nationalists have the highest agreement with four statements about America: that is “holds a special place in God’s plan;” that “God has chosen [America] to lead the world;” that the United States “was founded as a Christian nation;” and “it is important to preserve the nation’s religious heritage.” According to a poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute in June of this year, 62% of Americans either completely agree or mostly agree that “God has granted America a special role in human history.”Customized Carolina Panthers Women’s Jersey  52% said “believing in God” and 33% percent said “being a Christian” was very important for “being truly American.” Similar distributions have been found in other surveys of the public since 2010. They are also heavily invested in Biblical literalism. Agreement with these statements is strongly correlated with anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment among white Americans. Politics and the course of America are therefore a question of the degree and intensity of Christianization. Christian Nationalists are often found among Unhyphenated Americans (or vice-versa).

Finally there are the New Nationalists. New Nationalism was coined in the 1990s by journalist Michael Lind, who describes it as an elite white regime.Women’s Nike Carolina Panthers Personalized Elite Team Color Black Football Jersey. Under New Nationalism, the white elite (or “overclass”) withdraws into a private realm — private neighborhoods, private schools, private health care and private security. Working class whites are abandoned to a broad, publicly dependent underclass along with most people of color. The New Nationalism is deeply invested in a “bootstrap ideology” of America, built on private property rights and individual responsibility. The New Nationalists overlap with Christian Nationalists on some beliefs, but have little in common with Unhyphenated Americans. Communities broadly exhibiting these inequalities are most common in the Corridor from New York to northern Virginia , though they occur as suburban counties of nearly every major metropolitan area in the U.S.

What it Means for Others. These three concepts of American nationalism share several features. They introduce an identity component — wealth, or ethnicity or religious identity. They overlap with each other, largely through Protestant evangelical identity. And, they contrast against “out groups” that are growing in the U.S. — the secularists, immigrants, non-Caucasian ethnics and Muslims. Conflict in the GOP arises from the growing voices of white identity and Christian identity, versus efforts by the economic conservatives who populate the New Nationalism who seek to co-opt elites from non-white ethnic and racial groups.

The major victim of this new politics of competing forms of American nationalism a national consensus most recently observed by social scientist Alan Wolfe. At the end of the Clinton Administration, when political polarization had exploded into full flower, Wolfe wrote in his book One Nation After All that there was a broad-based consensus of tolerant belief across seemingly different American communities. This consensus has not survived the downward mobility of the white working class. The white working class is heavily populated with Customized Panthers Jersey Youth Christian Nationalists and Unhyphenated Americans. Its members are upset at the loss of an American Dream that was taken for granted by their grandparents and are threatened by future in which they will be an ethnic minority.

It is in this sense of loss that Donald Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again” finds its resonance (see also here).Youth Nike Custom Carolina Panthers Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey. More to the point, the question of the American nationalism will lurk just beneath the surface during the 2016 presidential campaign.

(We’ve included a figure showing the overlap of these groups, and also a highly subjective placement of the major remaining GOP candidates in respect to those groups, so that as you listen to the candidates, you can think about the rhetorical and attitudinal territory each player has to cross to attract and accommodate different types of nationalists.)