Report: Broncos won’t meet Ryan Fitzpatrick’s salary

John Elway wouldn’t match Brock Osweiler’s asking price. Custom Seahawks Jersey The Denver Broncos general manager could balk at another free agent quarterback’s cost.

NFL Media columnist Michael Silver reported last week that the Broncos reached out Men’s Nike Custom Made Seattle Seahawks College Navy Blue Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s agents.

On Sunday,Customized Seahawks Women’s Jersey ESPN reported Denver is “currently unwilling” to pay the salary Fitzpatrick is pursuing. The sides could revisit talks down the road.

It appears teams aren’t eager to meet the 33-year-old quarterback’s salary demands.

The New York Jets and Fitzpatrick are still far apart in contract talks. Gang Green’s brass offered a little more than the three-year, $21 million contract Chase Daniel received from thePhiladelphia Eagles. It seems Fitzpatrick believes he Men’s Nike Customized Seattle Seahawks Elite Team Raod Navy Blue White Two Tone NFL Jersey deserves something closer to the $18 million range, which has been the going rate for signal-callers on the open market. Neither the Jets nor the Broncos seem willing to go there at the moment.

The Broncos traded for Mark Sanchez on Friday,Personalized Seattle Seahawks Jersey sending a conditional seventh-round pick to Philadelphia. Elway called the move the “first step in our process.”

Denver needs another quarterback to pair with Sanchez and second-year signal-caller Trevor Siemian.Women’s Nike Custom Made Seattle Seahawks College Navy Blue Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale.

The Broncos are one team in discussions with the San Francisco 49ers to try and work out a trade for Colin Kaepernick, which has yet to bear fruit.

Fitzpatrick remains a veteran option to bridge the gap between Peyton Manning and a future long-term signal-caller in Denver,Custom NFL Jersey just not currently at whatever rate he’s seeking.

Bernie Sanders Custom Ravens Jersey Won the Debate Because Jorge Ramos Is Right, Clinton Could Get Indicted

Generally, when you’re debating a person who might get indicted because of an ongoing FBI investigation, you’ve won the contest in terms of trustworthiness.
Custom Ravens Jersey Bernie Sanders defeated Clinton during the Univision Democratic Debate on Wednesday, primarily because only one Democrat on stage risks indictment by the Justice Department. If you’ve traveled into the future, from a time period in American history when FBI investigations doomed presidential campaigns, then you’re reading this correctly.

Univision host Jorge Ramos correctly pointed out that Hillary Clinton faces the risk of indictment, and asked Clinton whether she’d quit the presidential race if she wereindicted over her private email server. Here is the video of Jorge Ramos courageously asking the question, and stating “If you get indicted, will you drop out?”Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey.

Needless to say, the former Secretary of State wasn’t pleased with the question.

With Clinton’s racial justice record “abysmal” according to Boston’s Black Lives Matter President, it’s important to analyze Clinton’s reaction, in light of her “Super Predator” comment from the ’90s. The mere thought of indictment,
Customized Ravens Women’s Jersey much less jail time, is offensive to Clinton, even though not long ago she called for more prisonsand tougher sentences.

Clinton also accepted money from two major prison lobbyists, and took more money from these prison lobbyists than even Jeb Bush. I explain Clinton’s prison lobbyist ties in the following YouTube segment.

David Banner and civil rights activist Ashley Williams have demanded to know why Clinton called black youth “Super Predators.” The former First Lady continued the statement with “we have to bring them to heel.” The rhetoric,
Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Customized Elite Alternate Black Football Jersey,during the time period, was coded language that resulted in laws targeting black communities across America. According to Michelle Alexander in a Nation piece titled Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote, “Bill Clinton championed discriminatory laws against formerly incarcerated people that have kept millions of Americans locked in a cycle of poverty and desperation.”

Thus, it’s political karma that a presidential candidate who takes money from
Personalized Baltimore Ravens Jersey prison lobbyists (the same interests that promote mass incarceration) would be offended by Jorge Ramos’s question. Her reaction gave Bernie Sanders the clear victory during a debate that touched upon a number of topics.

Yes, Hilary Clinton risks possible criminal indictments, as explained by Charles Lipson in Hillary Clinton’s Coming Legal Crisis:

These are vital issues, but Clinton faces a far bigger problem. She and her closest aides could be indicted criminally…

The FBI reportedly has assigned some 100 agents full time to the investigation and another 50 temporarily. The bureau would not commit such massive resources unless the initial investigation raised troubling questions of potential criminality. FBI Director James Comey is monitoring the case closely and coordinating with the intelligence agencies, which have to review the documents. Comey has a reputation for integrity, and it is his call whether to refer charges to the DOJ. Attorney General Loretta Lynch would then decide whether to indict…

An alternative possibility is that the DOJ accepts an FBI recommendation to indict Clinton’s aides or even the former secretary herself.

Thus, even if Clinton herself isn’t indicted, the indictment of a close associate could easily end her presidential campaign.

Still think a Clinton indictment is an example of H. A. Goodman hyperbole or bias?

During an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN where Lt. General Michael Flynn stated Hillary Clinton should “drop out” of the race, Flynn also said “If it were me, I would have been out the door and probably in jail.”

President Obama’s former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency stated he’d be in jail if he acted in the same manner as Hillary Clinton. No, this isn’t H. A. Goodman, the biggest Bernie Sanders booster on the internet, making the
Women’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Personalized Elite Team Color Purple Football Jersey statement; it’s one of President Obama’s former intelligence officials saying he’d go to jail for acting like Hillary Clinton.

I mention Lt. General Michael Flynn’s viewpoint of the FBI’s email investigation
Custom NFL Jersey during my recent appearance on CNN with Victory Blackwell.

Furthermore, I ask Hillary supporters in the following YouTube segment if they know why Clinton needed a private server. Why was Clinton the only Secretary of State never to use a email address and the only Secretary of State to use a private server exclusively?

Like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Edward Snowden also believes Clinton will face legal consequences, as quoted in a Guardian piece titled Edward Snowden says Hillary Clinton ‘ridiculous’ to think emails were secure:

“This is a problem,” Snowden said, “because anyone who has the clearances that the secretary of state has, or the director of any top-level agency has, knows how classified information should be handled.”

He added: “If an ordinary worker at the State Department or the CIA … were sending details about the security of embassies, which is alleged to be in her email, meetings with private government officials, foreign government officials and the statements that were made to them in confidence over unclassified email systems, they would not only lose their jobs and lose their clearance, they would very likely face prosecution for it.”

So, according to Edward Snowden, not H. A. Goodman, Clinton’s actions would lead someone else to “likely face prosecution.” I also mention Edward Snowden’s viewpoint during my CNN interview.

Therefore, we have a former U.S. intelligence official and Edward Snowden agreeing on the same thing, which should tell you something about the future of Clinton’s campaign. Thank God for Univision’s Jorge Ramos, because it’s taken this long to get a debate moderator to ask the most relevant question in 2016.
Youth Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

As for a potential Clinton indictment, more voices have stated it’s not only a possibility, but a likelihood. Liz Peek of The Fiscal Times writes why Clinton faces serious risk of indictment in a piece titled How the FBI Could Derail Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Run:

What could bring Hillary down? According to some who have followed the case closely, Mrs. Clinton could be charged with breaking several laws, including willfully transmitting or retaining Top Secret material using a private server, unauthorized removal of classified information from government control or storing such information in an unauthorized location, lying to Congress, destruction of government property (wiping the server), lying under oath to a judge about having given the government all her emails or obstruction of justice.

No, not all the speculation about the FBI investigation and indictments revolve around a right-wing conspiracy. Clinton either circumvented laws, or broke them, and either way, the FBI’s conclusion in several months will impact her campaign.

Finally, while Hillary Clinton was offended by Jorge Ramos’s question, and Bernie Sanders won the debate simply because he was the only Democrat without risk of indictment, another powerful voice can be linked to this issue.
Men’s Nike Custom Baltimore Ravens Elite Two Tone Purple White Team Road Jersey.Rapper and activist David Banner has a question for Hillary Clinton, as stated in a piece titled David Banner Questions Hillary Clinton About Past “Super Predator” Comments:

David Banner offered a series of questions to Hillary Clinton over past comments she made about “gangs of kids” evolving into “super predators.”

In his post, Banner brought up Clinton’s past “super predator” comments and asked the following questions: “What exactly do you plan to do to repair the hundreds of thousands of lives that you and your husband have admittedly ruined through your biased anti crime campaign? What is the time line? ‘I apologize’ and ‘I am wrong’ is not good enough. We will wait for your answer.”

Clinton’s exact statement on super predators, which was made at an appearance at Keene State College in 1996, is as follows: “[They’re] not just gangs of kids anymore. They’re often the kinds of kids that are called super predators. No conscious. No empathy.”

In a series of questions, David Banner asks the former Secretary of State to address the past. The world is waiting for her to answer these questions.

Democrats should relate the issue of indictment and Clinton’s prison lobbyist donors to Jorge Ramos’s question during the Democratic debate. As I explained several weeks ago, Bernie Sanders wants to ban private prisons while Hillary Clinton just stopped accepting their money. With potential indictments in the future, Clinton might see her prison lobbyist donors in a new vantage point, similar to the viewpoint that caused Bill Clinton to apologize for his role in mass incarceration. I’m only voting for Bernie Sanders and I explain why in this YouTube segment.

AP source: Custom Saints Jersey Lions agree to 5-year deal with WR Jones

The Detroit Lions have agreed to a five-year contract with free agent wide receiver Marvin Jones, according to a person with knowledge of the deal.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity Wednesday night because the deal
Custom Saints Jersey had not been announced. Jones caught 65 passes for 816 yards and four touchdowns last season for the Cincinnati Bengals.

After losing Calvin Johnson to retirement, the Lions were clearly in the market for a receiver they could put opposite Golden Tate. Jones, who turns 26 on
Men’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale Saturday, has been with the Bengals for four years, although he missed the whole 2014 season after foot and ankle injuries. He played in all 16 games last season.

The Lions did announce one deal Wednesday: They re-signed defensive tackle Haloti Ngata.

Jones was drafted in the fifth round out of California in 2012. He caught 18 passes Customized Saints Women’s Jersey as a rookie, then had 51 receptions for 712 yards and 10 touchdowns during the 2013 season.

At that point, Jones had become the main complement to receiver A.J. Green in Cincinnati, but he hurt his right ankle the following March, then broke his left
Men’s Nike Personalized New Orleans Saints Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Cheap foot during training camp. When that healed, he returned to practice and aggravated the ankle injury. He had surgery to remove bone chips and never played during the 2014 season.

He came back strong in 2015, however, starting 13 games and setting career highs in catches and yards receiving.

Although Johnson’s numbers dipped a bit the last couple years, he’ll still be difficult to replace for the Lions. Megatron caught 88 passes for 1,214 yards and nine TDs last season.

Detroit still has Tate (90 catches last season) and running back Theo Riddick (80),
Personalized New Orleans Saints Jersey but its passing game will certainly look different this year. The Lions lost seven of their first eight games last season, but they rebounded to finish 7-9, and coach Jim Caldwell is back for his third year in charge.

Ngata returns to the Lions on a two-year deal. Detroit acquired him in a trade before last season, when the Lions lost Ndamukong Suh to free agency.
Women’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Ngata started all 14 games he played last season, but he was a regular on the injury report. He dealt with hamstring, shoulder, calf, neck and foot issues.Youth Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Prior to coming to the Lions, Ngata played nine seasons with Baltimore, Custom NFL Jersey making the Pro Bowl five times. He was drafted by the Ravens in the first round in 2006.

Custom Jets Jersey Donald Trump: Death Rattle of Angry, Fearful White Men

Cheer up. The world is not coming to an end.

The unanticipated arrival of Donald Trump on the stage has created a tsunami of political angst, washing up on the shores of both parties. Or perhaps I should say two of three parties, as many have observed that we now have Democrats,
Custom Jets Jersey regular old style Republicans and authoritarian Republicans.

I needn’t chronicle the serial offenses of candidate Trump. In a recent PBS broadcast, even the dependably civil conservative pundit David Brooks rapidly searched his tip-of-the-tongue glossary and found only “buffoon” and “bigot” available for a Trump description. A thoughtful Vox essay by Amanda Taub
Customized Jets Women’s Jersey describes the roots of this “authoritarian” movement that has stumbled upon the semi-coherent Trump as its titular leader. Her analysis is both illuminating and frightening.

Call me Pollyanna if you wish, but we are not observing the advance army of the destruction of the American democratic republic, as some seem to worry.Men’s Nike Custom Made New York Jets Elite Green Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.We are hearing the death rattle of a shrinking group (and some of their offspring and political bedfellows) of resentful, mostly white citizens who have been simmering for decades over sex, drugs, rock and roll, civil rights, feminism, gay rights and/or any number of other changes that created discomfort for them. Trump didn’t create it. He’s just taken the simmer to a boil and blown the lid off. And folks are scared.

But this is a movement in retreat, not advance. Don’t mistake its volume for its strength. There are several reasons I believe this to be the case.

While it seems of little comfort in the obnoxious glare of Trumpmania, the demographics of the United States are inexorably changing. As widely reported, most estimates predict that the United States will be majority minority within 2 or 3 decades. The Census Bureau reports that 52 percent of American children under age five are minority children. This is a cause of authoritarian fear and anger, but ultimately authoritarianism’s antidote. The Pew Research Center reports that 14.8 percent of new marriages in 2008 were between individuals of different race or ethnicity. I suspect few partners in such relationships will
Personalized New York Jets Jersey support deportation or de-humanizing of their loved ones. I needn’t overdo the statistical evidence, but it suffices to observe that angry white men will not be a growth sector in the decades ahead. I also recognize that individuals often defy “type,” as there are lovely, sensitive older white men and moronically ill-informed, bigoted folks of color, but the trend lines seem indisputable.

My embrace of Pollyanna is also informed by what the Pew Center calls the GOP’s Millennial problem.Men’s Nike Personalized New York Jets Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Cheap. Among Republicans, the percentage of citizens who self-describe as conservative falls from the 64-67 % range among older folks (60+) to about 30% for Millennials (18-33). For Democrats the self-described conservatives fall from 9% to 3% for these same demographic groups.

One might argue that such has always been the case. People are liberal when young and grow more conservative over time — or so it is claimed. This quote,
Youth Nike Custom Made New York Jets Elite Green Team Color NFL Jersey Sale,falsely attributed to Winston Churchill is often smugly cited by conservatives: “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.”

I prefer “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re a conservative by the time you’re 35, you’ve lost your mind, and if you are an authoritarian Trump supporter at any age, you’ve lost your heart, mind and soul.”

But I digress.

It may be historically true that there is a shift toward conservatism for some people as they age, but this dynamic is categorically different in this era. As the head of a school I have great exposure to the values and dispositions of today’s younger generation. Admittedly, a sample of New York City kids in a progressive school is not representative, but I’m only partly informed by this direct experience.

Children all over America, often despite their parents or their communities, are engaged in social justice work. For every incident of homophobic bullying in the midsection of America, including evangelical strongholds,Custom NFL Jersey there is an outpouring of support and acceptance for difference. Younger Americans overwhelmingly support same sex marriage. Except in a small minority of deeply regressive schools, students all over the country are engaged in diversity conversations. Every day, students protest against “big oil” and fight for attention to climate change. Kids are teaching their parents about sustainability, diversity and social justice.

Education, travel (for the relatively privileged), social media and popular culture have created an amorphous international community of young people who lean eagerly toward understanding, multiculturalism and justice. This didn’t exist in any previous generation and it has the power to change the world.

The current American problem is not the threat of insidious growth of an authoritarian movement that will destroy several centuries of social progress.
Women’s Nike Personalized New York Jets Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Cheap.The current American problem is keeping the ship of state intact until a new crew takes over. Rejecting the hateful ignorance of Donald Trump will be a good start.

Custom Vikings Jersey Falcons apologize for inappropriate question at NFL combine

The Atlanta Falcons apologized Friday after it was revealed that one of their coaches asked an inappropriate question to Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple
Custom Vikings Jersey during the NFL’s annual scouting combine in Indianapolis.

Apple said Friday in an interview with ComcastSportsNet he was asked, ”So,
Men’s Nike Custom Made Minnesota Vikings Elite Purple Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap, do you like men?”’ He says the question came at the start of an interview with an unidentified Falcons coach.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn acknowledged in a statement released to The Associated Press that he has addressed the inappropriate question. He said he has told his entire coaching staff such questions should not be asked and he apologized to Apple.

”I am really disappointed in the question that was asked by one of our coaches,” Quinn said. ”I have spoken to the coach that interviewed Eli Apple and explained to him how inappropriate and unprofessional this was. I have reiterated this to the entire coaching staff and I want to apologize to Eli for this even coming up.
Men’s Nike Minnesota Vikings Personalized Elite Grey Shadow NFL Football Uniform. This is not what the Atlanta Falcons are about and it is not how we are going to conduct ourselves.”

It was Customized Vikings Women’s Jersey not known if the assistant coach faces any disciplinary action.

It was the second apology issued following the behavior of an Atlanta assistant coach at the combine.

Defensive line coach Bryan Cox apologized following reports he shoved an Arizona Cardinals scout in a dispute over access to a rookie during the interview process last week.

Cox issued a statement Sunday saying, ”I intend to apologize to the young man
Personalized Miami Vikings Jersey for the incident.” He also said, ”It shouldn’t have happened.”

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was arrested Friday morning in Scottsdale, Arizona after a single-car crash in which no one was injured.

The 33-year-old who grew up in Arizona has played for the Ravens since 2003, helping Baltimore capture the 2013 Super Bowl over San Francisco. The six-time Pro Bowl all-star selection has 728 tackles, seven interceptions, 27 forced fumbles and a Ravens record 106 quarterback sacks.

TMZ first reported the arrest, which Suggs confirmed later in a Twitter posting
Women’s Nike Personalized Minnesota Vikings Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Sale noting his license had been suspended and adding “My bad.”

“Terrell made us aware of the situation and we are looking into it,” Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne said.

In a statement, Suggs said that once police were called after his one-car mishap, they discovered his driving license had been suspended for speeding tickets. Police detained him but released him a couple of hours later.

“Terrell will let the judicial system take its course and fix his license issues,Youth Nike Custom Made Minnesota Vikings Elite Purple Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap,” he said in the statement.

Suggs is coming off season-ending Custom NFL Jersey Achilles tendon surgery but is expected to be ready for the the start of the 2016 campaign.

Custom Broncos Jersey The Silence of Justice Thomas Is Overrated

On Monday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas asked a question in oral argument.

Only in a country obsessed with spectacle could this make the news.

We are that country. For one day,Custom Broncos Jersey  Clarence Thomas’ few words seemed to be the most important event. The mere fact that Justice Thomas had spoken made it to the front page of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, to name just two of countless media outlets. Few reports cared to tell us what the question actually was (or the fact that Justice Thomas asked some
Men’s Nike Personalized Denver Broncos Elite Alternate Navy Blue NFL Football Shirts follow-up questions). The very fact that he had spoken was enough. Journalists became giddy over the Justice’s first words the way parents react to their child’s first words.

Admittedly, these were indeed the Justice’s first words, in a long time. Justice Thomas had not spoken in more than a decade. The last time he had asked a question (as every news report reminds us) was February 22, 2006. Three years ago, he apparently made a joke during a hearing, but people could not understand what he said. The rest had been silence.

Why was he silent for so long?Customized Broncos Jersey Youth  Justice Thomas himself has given a number of reasons, ranging from personal (shyness over his accent) — to procedural (oral arguments should be abolished) — to etiquette (when lawyers speak it is respectful to listen).

His most interesting reason, however, had to do with the institution of the Court and the demeanor of his colleagues. Justice Thomas complained, in essence, that his colleagues use oral argument for grandstanding. “We look like ‘Family Feud,” he said in 2000. And in 2013 he conceded that, although he did not like the grandstanding, he could not do anything about it.

This is where it gets interesting. Thomas rightly suggests that we have turned oral argument at the Supreme Court into a spectacle. In Versailles in the times of Louis XIV, extraordinary attention was paid to everything the sun king did–“his
Men’s Nike Customized Denver Broncos Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt need to sleep and to sleep around, what he ate and what he defecated, his inescapable aging and his debilitating gout.” We have turned the Supreme Court Justices into our kings, and we pay similarly exorbitant attention to every little thing that goes on in the courtroom and beyond. What was the tone in which Justice Kagan asked the question? Did Justice Scalia clench his fists when he sat down? Was Justice Ginsburg furious? Did Justice Breyer whisper to his neighbor?
Personalized Denver Broncos Jersey Was Justice Roberts looking at the parties or was he gazing into the distance?

Most Justices seem to revel in the attention we pay not just to every one of their words but also and actions. Justice Scalia, who just died, was the starkest example of this. Justice Thomas, although he has often been considered close to Scalia, could not be more different in this regard. He rejects the spectacle. His writing style is boring. His reading voice is, too. And his questions have, until Monday, been absent. “I don’t ask for entertainment,” he said (suggesting implicitly that this is what his colleagues often do). His silence may have been ill advised in many ways, but it can be seen as a small act of rebellion against what the institution has become.

And this is where the irony comes in. Justice Thomas’ refusal to take part in the spectacle has become a spectacle of its own. His silence is now what Justice Thomas has become most known for–more than the opinions he has written, more than his own judicial philosophy, more perhaps even than his close (and often exaggerated) proximity to Justice Scalia’s views. Consequently, the silence has become a signifier for all kinds of things–his refusal to play along, his arrogance, his bitterness, his apparent lack of interest.

While Justice Thomas was silent, the pundits were incessantly talking. There has been the most bizarre of things–a veritable debate over Thomas’ bench silence.
Men’s Nike Customized Denver Broncos Elite Team Color Orange NFL Football Jersey.Each year, the anniversary of his silence was reported. The joke he made in court in 2013 created a whole flurry of attention. The fact that he now has spoken has been analyzed in myriad ways–a way for him to channel what the recently decease Justice Scalia would have asked, or as a sign of his liberation from Scalia.

Journalists have not just spoken about the Justice; they have also tried to speak to him. Like parents of a reticent child, journalists have at times encouraged Thomas to speak up, at times chided him for not doing so. Adam Liptak, in the New York Times, described it as a pity that Justice Thomas did not speak more in court, assuming he would have important things to say. Jeffrey Toobin, in the New Yorker,called his silence disgraceful and urged him to do his job. Many others joined on one side or the other.

This is not just incredibly condescending. It is also beside the point. The silence of Justice Thomas (like that of Marcel Duchamp) is overrated. Maybe Justice Thomas’ silence had no meaning other than that he did not think of a question
Cheap Custom Football Jersey that would have been useful. Maybe the question he asked now was the first one that he thought of as useful and that nobody else asked. For us, it should not matter. Really, both silence and asking a question are just that. They are no big deal. They are not important. They are not what the Court is about.

Jeffrey Toobin argued that Justice Thomas’ silence was a sign of disrespect to the Court. But really, the disrespect lies in our obsession. Treating the Court as a spectacle is a disrespect for the task the Court has to fulfill. Treating Justice Thomas’ silence as a spectacle is a disrespect for the way in which an individual Justice attempts to fulfill it. We owe it not only to the Court and its Justices, but first and foremost to ourselves, to keep our focus on the substance of what the Court does. Everything else turns the Court into a spectacle, and both it and we suffer from it.

Whatever else one thinks about Justice Thomas, he deserves credit for his refusal
Women’s Nike Customized Denver Broncos Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt to take part in this development. Now that he has asked a question, maybe the rest of us manage to move on, too.

Custom Steelers Jersey Why Hillary Clinton’s Emails Matter This Year

There is no shortage of punditry about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s homebrew server, and the resulting fallout, aka “Emailgate.” Whether you read
Custom Steelers Jersey the commentary dedicated to killing her candidacy, or calmer voices focused on the bigger picture of national cybersecurity, Secretary Clinton gets failing marks — and rightly so.

Unlike some of Secretary Clinton’s critics, I don’t believe that the email controversy is, first and foremost, proof of some deep character flaw that will spell the end of our great nation should she become our 45th president. To be fair,Men’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap,she was not the first Secretary of State (indeed the first public official) to engage in this risky behavior. Instead, I view it as the tragic manifestation of where we find ourselves as a nation when it comes to cybersecurity, and precisely why breaches have become the third certainty in life.

President Obama recently unveiled a $19 billion cybersecurity budget for the next fiscal year. This represents a 35% increase over the previous year. The White House blueprint is called the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP).
Customized Steelers Women’s Jersey Among many initiatives too numerous to detail here, the White House roadmap includes $3.1 billion for an Information Technology Modernization Fund — money specifically earmarked to provide a much-needed upgrade to the federal government’s woefully outdated legacy IT systems.

According to ABC News, the typical private server can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to several thousand.Men’s Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale. If you could choose between the government’s protections, however flawed, and a private server (and you were a world leader), which would you pick?

While the news media and pundits on both the left and the right have focused on the character issue — namely, Secretary Clinton wasn’t forthcoming about her rationale for opting not to use government systems (Was it a Nixonian desire to control and hide information or simply a matter of convenience?) — a larger more important point went, shall we say, “misunderestimated.” Former President George W. Bush’s “new word” is precisely the right word choice here, because while it is forgivable — or at least to be expected — that a new threat may be underestimated at first (in this case the rise of hackers and mega data breaches), doing so creates vulnerability. Misunderestimation gets at the gooey center of the cybersecurity problems we now face — a lot of them springing from an “It Can’t
Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Happen to Me” attitude. Of course, that is the very thing hackers need their targets to think. As long as the danger of attack is underestimated, the potential for expanding attackable surfaces causing critical exposure of information will remain unchecked.

A Teachable Moment?

There is no getting around a simpler, and at least on the surface, damning fact. A world leader maintained a private email server that stored top secret information. The revelation of this terrible state of cyber affairs in the State Department can only be viewed as an appalling oversight, betraying an imperfect understanding of the threats we currently face as a society. (You can see where all the presidential candidates stand on cyber security here.)

While no one is perfect, data security is an area that requires something verging on perfection. A homebrew server comes nowhere near that level of perfection.
Women’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap.The fact that Secretary Clinton thought this was an acceptable practice suggests a very concerning interpretation of the cybersecurity problem, as well as an institutional issue, since there should have been a way to force protocol at the State Department.

Here’s the deal: We live in a world where the Office of Personnel Management was breached. We live in a world where the largest corporations in possession of sensitive records pertaining to tens of millions of individuals have been, and continue to be, hacked with more than a billion lives exposed to a host of bad guys in the process and untold amounts of money lost.

And it’s important to remember if you are a consumer, you need to minimize your risk of exposure and do whatever is necessary to detect victimization (for example,checking your credit regularly can be an initial indicator that something’s gone horribly wrong) and put a damage control program in place.

Having said all this, I’m not sure it means that Hillary Clinton would make a bad president. While Clinton’s mistake could be viewed as arrogant (at best) and de facto reckless, it is crucial for us to avoid finger-pointing at a time where
Custom NFL Jersey  virtually every digital mishap, data-security giveaway and metadata misfire should be looked at as being so many teachable moments.

The data insecurity quagmire is still in its Wild West infancy, and while it’s easy Youth Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale to throw stones in this glass house, it doesn’t serve to protect us from the dangers posed by hackers.

Peyton Manning addresses retirement, Custom Texans Jersey HGH allegations

Despite the chatter, Peyton Manning insists he has not made a decision about his future.

The Denver Broncos’ quarterback was asked point blank at Super Bowl Opening Night Custom Texans Jersey if he plans to retire after Super Bowl 50, but he told NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk that he hasn’t decided and is focused on Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” Manning said to Faulk’s question.Men’s Nike Custom Made Houston Texans Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirt.”I think one thing I’ve done well all season and the team has done well all season is stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand.”

Manning later told reporters he didn’t “see himself knowing” about retirement until after the season. reported earlier Monday that the 39-year-old Manning has told close friends that he will hang it up after Sunday’s game. On top of that, after Denver knocked off the New England Patriots in the AFC title game, NFL Films cameras captured Manning telling New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick that he may retire.

“Hey, listen, this might be my last rodeo,” Customized Texans Women’s Jersey Manning said. “So it sure has been a pleasure.”

Manning has already played in three Super Bowls, winning one and losing two. Hoisting another Lombardi Trophy would be a nice way to cap off a career, wouldn’t it?

As expected, Manning was asked about the Al Jazeera report that claimed
Men’s Nike Custom Made Houston Texans Elite Team Color Navy Blue Football Jersey Cheap Manning’s wife had HGH shipped to her. He addressed it head on, saying the NFL will find nothing during its investigation into the claims.

“I know exactly what they’re going to find – a big fat nothing,” Manning said. “I respect the rules and regulations of the NFL. They’re important to me. It’s been completely fabricated what that story alleged that I did. Complete junk. That’s what I have to say about it.”

Manning said the NFL’s investigation will take place “after the season.”

“Whatever they have, I welcome it 100 percent,” he said.

Manning picks his MVP

Manning had nothing but praise for his opposing quarterback,Personalized Houston Texans Jersey Carolina’s Cam Newton. In fact, Manning thinks Newton should win this year’s MVP award.

“He’s just had this incredible year,” Manning said. “There’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to be the MVP. What he’s done in a short time being an NFL quarterback – he’s been awesome. He’s been a great passer. He’s been a great runner. He’s been a great leader. You don’t go 17-1 as a starting quarterback without being awesome. That’s what he’s been this year without a doubt.”Women’s Nike Personalized Houston Texans Elite Battle Red Alternate Jersey for Sale.


Newton catches plenty of flak for his post-touchdown celebrations, but Manning said he may have a celebration of his own on Sunday – only if he scores on the ground.

“I promise if I run for a touchdown on Sunday, I’ll celebrate,” Manning said.Youth Nike Custom Made Houston Texans Elite Team Color Navy Blue Football Jersey Cheap.

Manning joked that Carolina may have to adjust his defense after watching his 12-yard run against Custom NFL Jersey New England in the AFC title game.

“There’s a good chance Carolina may send somebody to spy me.”

Custom Saints Jersey Hungry Children in Rich America

Sarah is three years old. She and her six-year-old brother, Bryce, are inseparable except when it’s time for him to visit the summer food program that provides meals at a school near his Ohio home for children who otherwise would go hungry. Sarah’s too young to make the trip. One morning after Bryce had his fill of food for the day he made a detour before heading home. He walked to the trash cans and began rummaging through food others threw away.Custom Saints Jersey Winnie Brewer, the Food Services Supervisor in Marion City Schools, noticed the little boy and tapped him on the shoulder to ask why he was sifting through the garbage. “My little sister,” he explained. “She’s hungry.” Bringing her leftover food was the only way he knew to help.

“We run into a lot of situations where kids will come and say they have younger siblings at home,” Brewer says. “They always want to know if they can take something back.”Men’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints College Black Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale, After Brewer spoke with Bryce, staff members followed him home with a care package for little Sarah. This was a temporary solution to a huge problem Brewer worries about every day. “Until we see that child digging food out of a trash can, it doesn’t hit home,” Brewer says. “Once it does, you know you have to do something.”

Nearly 220,000 Ohio children under six are poor and young children of color are more likely to be poor. More than half (55.5 percent) of Black children, 40.3 percent of Hispanic, and 19.1 percent of White children under six in Ohio are poor; 21 percent of them live in families where at least one parent works full-time year-round; 47 percent have at least one parent working part of the year or part-time; and 32 percent have no employed parent. Nearly one in four Ohio children lacks consistent access to adequate food—that’s 653,410 Ohio children of all ages in every corner of the state. Nationally, 15.3 million children were food insecure in 2014. The majority live in families with one or more working adults—but are still unable to consistently afford enough food to keep the wolves of hunger from their door.

There is no excuse for any child in America to go hungry and malnourished in the richest nation on Earth. Yet child hunger is a widespread, urgent and shameful problem that cannot wait. We all have to do something—now.
Custom Giants Jersey Bryce and Sarah (names were changed to protect their identities) are far from alone as shown in anew Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio searing report calling to end the childhood hunger many thousands of Ohio’s youngest children suffer every day. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers suffering hunger and malnutrition face increased odds of negative health outcomes during their years of greatest brain development. Food insecure children under age five are:

  • Nearly two times more likely to be in “fair or poor health”;
  • Nearly two times more likely to experience developmental delays;
  • Two times as likely to have behavioral problems;
  • More than twice as likely to be hospitalized;
  • Two and a half times more likely to have headaches, and
  • Three times more likely to have stomach aches.

Food insecure children are more likely to be behind in social skills and reading performance in kindergarten. By elementary school they are four times more likely to need mental health counseling. Risks keep accumulating: malnutrition from childhood food insecurity has been linked to adult diseases including diabetes, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease. The stress and anxiety of early childhood hunger also make it harder to learn skills that help later relationship development, school success and workplace productivity.

Babies born to food insecure mothers face tragic odds: they are more likely to be born pre-term and at low birthweight and to struggle with breastfeeding which contributes to increased infant mortality rates. Babies who survive are more likely to struggle with disabilities during childhood and adolescence and face higher risks of chronic disease as adults. School-age food supports of free and reduced price breakfast and lunch are critically important to the health and academic success of older children but young children should not be forced to suffer from lack of food. Not a single parent or grandparent would want our young children or grandchildren rummaging through trash cans seeking food for younger brothers and sisters.

It’s long past time for political leaders at every level and all of us to end child hunger. Mrs. Coretta Scott King once said, “I must remind you that starving a
Men’s Nike Customized New York Giants Elite Team Road Royal Blue White NFL Two Tone Jersey child is violence.” Continuing to condone the pain of hunger and malnutrition in America is unforgivable. Please demand our political leaders act right now.

In his weekly address, President Obama called upon America to make computer science “a basic skill, right along with the three ‘Rs.'” He pointed out that nine out of ten parents want it taught at their children’s schools, “yet right now,
Custom Jets Jersey only about a quarter of our K through 12 schools offer computer science. Twenty-two states don’t even allow it to count toward a diploma. (Scroll down to watch the speech)

The president was right when he also pointed out that many professions, including so called blue collar jobs, not only need to be able to work with computerized equipment but also need to be able to program them. It’s true, as the President said, that “Nurses are analyzing data and managing electronic health records. Machinists are writing computer programs. And workers of all kinds need to be able to figure out how to break a big problem into smaller pieces and identify the right steps to solve it.”

That last comment is particularly important. The world is full of complex problems ranging from obvious technology challenges to social and political issues which, at first glance, seem overwhelming. But just about everyone I know who has created an amazing piece of technology, has told me that the solution lies in breaking the problem into small parts and dealing with them step-by-step. The same is true with solving other problems ranging from achieving energy independence, promoting ethnic harmony and, someday, world peace.

Should be a bipartisan effort

Despite the gridlock in Washington, I sure hope that the President can muster bipartisan support and that Congress will provide funding over the next three years “so that our elementary, middle, and high schools can provide opportunities to learn computer science for all students.” This shouldn’t be a D or R issue. It’s about America’s economic future and national security. Everyone running for national office talks about investing in America’s future. Equipping our children with the skills they’ll need to compete in the 21st century is certainly a great investment.

Ties in with Safer Internet Day

For the organization that I work with — — the President’s message came at a perfecft time. We’re in the final stages of planning the 2016Safer Internet Day celebration, which will held at Universal Studios Hollywood andwebcast to schools and others who care to join remotely. The U.S. is one of more than 100 companies celebrating Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, February 9th under the theme “Play your part for a better Internet.” That’s right — better, not just “safer.” That’s because safety is more than the absence of danger but includes finding ways to engage, solve problems and thrive. And I can’t think of a better starting point than equipping a generation with the tools it needs to help solve the world’s problems. That’s why this year’s U.S. celebration will focus not just on emotional well being and kindness but also on problem solving and
Custom Raiders Jersey creativity with speakers and interactive exhibits that encourage coding, “making” and other creative ways to empower youth to improve their communities and the world.

Unite to support our future

Regardless of who you vote for, there are times when America should unite and this is one of those times. The President has articulated a goal that a lot of people support. Sure, the devil is always in the details and there needs to be a spirited Custom NFL Jersey Cheap conversation about how to make this work, but let’s make it work. It’s shameful that most of our schools are failing to teach the basic skills needed for our time and it’s time we all come together and agree to fix it.

Custom Saints Jersey The Lesbian Employment Gap: Why It’s Still Hard to Be Queer in the Workplace

Last year marked a historic moment for queer people across the United States, as the Supreme Court gave same-sex couples the right to marry on the federal level in a landmark 5-4 decision. But while love might have won in 2015,Custom Saints Jersey LGBT Americans still have not: Queer people continue to face high rates of employment discrimination across the United States. There’s an old saying on this issue that you can get married on Saturday and get fired for having a photo
Men’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale of your partner on your desk on Monday. But recent research shows that many LGBT people aren’t getting hired at all.

A study from New York University found that queer women were less likely to get a call back for a job interview than their straight female counterparts. Researchers found that “LGBT indicators” on an application made female applicants 30 percent less likely to get a phone call from interested employers.
Customized Saints Women’s Jersey The report, published last week in the Socius, came to this conclusion after sending out 1,600 resumés to 800 workplaces. Researcher Emma Mishel said that this is a constant concern for her during the hiring process: “When you look at my work history, it’s a lot of LGBT organizations, so it’s pretty obvious that I’m queer,” she told Fusion.

These findings buck conventional wisdom about lesbians in the workplace. According to a 2010 study from Industrial Relations, queer women actually earn 6 percent more than the straight women with whom they might share a cubicle.
Men’s Nike Personalized New Orleans Saints Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Cheap.Last year, a report from Gender and Society found that the pay bump for lesbians was even higher — with lesbians outearning heterosexual women by eight percent. However, they still took home less pay than gay men, who in turn earned less than heterosexual male employees.

The Atlantic‘s Joe Pinsker offers some fairly compelling reasons why that might be the case. “The gay-straight wage gap is reflective of a larger trend that favors masculinity in the workplace,” Pinsker wrote. “Gay men are still out-earning straight women, and lesbians, who may be… ‘perceived as less feminine and closer to the unencumbered male ideal.'” Additional speculation suggests that queer women’s pay may benefit from higher levels of education,Women’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale, as well as the types of jobs they might hold. According to economist Joe Clark, lesbians are “overrepresented in male-dominated professions that pay better than female-dominated professions.”

All that might be cosmetically accurate,Personalized New Orleans Saints Jersey but it doesn’t change a greater truth: Queer women continue to be disadvantaged in an environment that often doesn’t even let them in the door. Even lesbians who might make more money than straight women are more likely to subjected to on-the-job harassment or discrimination because of their sexual orientation. According to UCLA’s Williams Institute, between seven and 41 percent of LGBT employees said that they’d been “verbally or physically abused or had their workplace vandalized.” Around 1 in 6 reported being let go or denied career advancement because of their orientation.

The Advocate reported on a particularly compelling case of overt discrimination last November, after Elizabeth Koke filed a wrongful termination suit against her former employer, a feminist publishing company. Koke alleges that three years ago, she and two other-lesbian identified employees were let go from the company, which is affiliated with the City University of New York. The reason? According to theAdvocate‘s Elizabeth Daley, executive director Jennifer Baumgardner “took the helm of the press in 2013 and decided along with the board of directors that it was ‘too lesbian.'”

Unfortunately, these practices are perfectly legal in a majority of U.S. states. Although 22 states — as well as the District of Columbia — have laws on the books that prevent LGBT workers from being fired on the basis of their identity, that leaves workers in the other 28 states at risk for workplace discrimination. These include states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, and Missouri. Even relatively “progressive” states like New Hampshire and New York only offer protection on the basis of sexual orientation, meaning trans employees aren’t covered.

To fight the widespread discrimination that LGBT workers face, the federal government must extend these benefits to all Americans. Since the legislation was introduced in 1994, activists have been fighting for the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill that would do exactly that.Youth Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale. Although ENDA has repeatedly stalled in Congress — despite being passed by the Senate as late as 2013 — a new piece of legislation is gaining bipartisan support. Congressional Republicans Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Rep. Bob Dold (R-Ill.) have offered to co-sponsor the Equality Act. The Washington Blade reports the bill “would amend the Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act to prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination in all areas of federal civil rights law.”

By fighting for a fairer workplace, the Equality Act stands to have an enormous impact on the LGBT community, one that will be particularly felt by transgender and queer women.Custom NFL Jersey Although trans women experience the country’s highest poverty rates — four times as likely as the average American to have a household income under $10,000 — queer women are likewise at risk. According to the Williams Institute, 7.6 percent of lesbian couples live below the poverty line, as opposed to the 5.7 percent of heterosexual couples in poverty.

These are the exact couples that — according to the “lesbian pay bump” myth — are alleged to bringing home some serious bacon. However, queer women will continue to be disadvantaged by a society that forces them to the margins, even while they’re supposed to be getting ahead.