Beckham, Customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Bell miffed Elliott not fined for kettle jump

Ezekiel Elliott donated himself to the Salvation Army on Sunday night, a terrific touchdown celebration that also came with the near guarantee that a FedEx envelope (translation: league fine) would be sitting in front of his locker at
Customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey some point this week.Men’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap.

The Cowboys star was so sure he’d get pinched that he told reporters after the win over the Bucs that he’d match whatever fine he received as a donation to
Women’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap the Salvation Army. Then came the announcement from a league spokesman that Elliott would not be disciplined for the celebration.

Elliott said he’d donate to the famous charitable organization anyway. Happy ending, right? Well, not for some Grinches out there who believe Elliott was let
Custom Steelers Jersey off the hook while their paycheck took a hit.Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale.

First came Giants star Odell Beckham.

Later that day, Steelers standout Le’Veon Bell.

The people at Park Avenue have to be annoyed by this. If they fined Elliott,
Custom Patriots Jersey they’d get killed for punishing a player for a celebration that led to a surge in donations for the country’s less fortunate. They don’t fine Elliott and some of the league’s biggest stars call them out for operating under a
Youth Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap double-standard.If I were commissioner, I would respond by fining Beckham and Bell for some
Customized New England Patriots Jersey nebulous infraction from Week 15. Yes, I’d be known as “The Childish Commish” and everybody would hate me.

Eyeing Trump, Custom Patriots Jersey Obama takes new action to ban Arctic drilling

Looking to cement his environmental record, President Barack Obama took
Custom Patriots Jersey new action Tuesday barring offshore drilling in areas of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans indefinitely.Men’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap.

Obama relied on a 63-year-old law to make his moves, which will prevent future leasing of certain offshore areas for oil rights. His successor, Donald Trump, who has promised a policy allowing more US energy production, would face legal challenges if he attempted to reverse Obama’s order.
Customized New England Patriots Jersey the Beaufort Sea “inde finitely off limits for future oil and gas leasing,” citing critical protection for the marine mammals, ecological resources and native populations.Women’s Nike Custom Made Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Cheap.
Trump allies map out ways to block EPA
Canada also announced Tuesday that it will freeze its offshore oil and gas exploration in its Arctic waters.
The US is also declaring 31 canyons off the Atlantic coast off-limits for drilling, citing “critical and irreplaceable ecological value.”
In his time in office, Obama has used executive actions to put restrictions on new leases in the waters surrounding the United States, including in the Arctic,
Customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Pacific and Atlantic oceans. His administration decided last month against allowing new leases for certain areas in the Arctic for the next five years.Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Navy Blue Team Color Jersey Sale.
Arctic heating up twice as fast as rest of the globe
Obama’s year-end message: I did it right
But the moves on Tuesday will move substantially beyond those restrictions, preventing any future president from taking swift action to reopen oil exploration in restricted areas.
The law, the 1953 Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, allows presidents to withdraw lands from future leasing. It’s been used by past administrations to restrict oil exploration on the West and East coasts, though each time the ban on leases was given an expiration date.Youth Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Away White NFL Jersey Cheap.
Obama’s previous efforts barring new leases in the Arctic and Atlantic could be reversed when Trump takes office and his new administration issues new plans for drilling. Tuesday’s initiatives, however, will be more difficult to reverse since they would be implemented using a law and not executive action.
“We believe there is a strong legal basis for these withdrawals,” said one senior administration official, predicting the moves would “go forward and will stand the test of time.”
10 requests from liberals to Obama before he leaves office
“This action has the force of law. There is no authority for a future president to
Custom Steelers Jersey withdraw it,” the official said.
Environmental groups have lobbied Obama to take decisive action that would prevent further oil drilling in the Arctic, arguing the risks of spills and leaks are too high. Oil companies, meanwhile, insist the estimated 27 billion barrels of oil and 132 trillion cubic feet of natural gas underneath the surface there could provide a boon to US energy production.
Representatives from the oil and gas industry reacted harshly to the Obama administration’s action.
Why clean energy is the next big business opportunity (opinion)
“Instead of building on our nation’s position as a global energy leader, today’s unilateral mandate could put America back on a path of energy dependence for decades to come,” said Dan Naatz, senior vice president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America. “We disagree with this last-minute political rhetoric coming from the Obama administration and contest this decision by the outgoing administration as disingenuous. With exactly one month left in office, President Obama chose to succumb to environmental extremists demands to keep our nation’s affordable and abundant energy supplies away from those who need it the most by keeping them in the ground.”
Obama’s environmental legacy faces an uncertain future under Trump, who
Custom Patriots Jersey has dismissed climate change as a hoax and vowed to remove the US from the international Paris climate accord.
Trump has nominated strong conservatives to head key environmental agencies, including Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt — a climate change denier — as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.
But he’s also been open to greener perspectives, meeting with former Vice President Al Gore and tapping daughter Ivanka Trump to lead his climate agenda.Men’s Nike Personalized Pittsburgh Steelers Elite Away White NFL Jersey for Sale.

Custom Cowboys Jersey Smog spreads out as readings spike

Heavy smog continued to plague vast areas of China with alarmingly high air
Custom Cowboys Jersey quality index readings on Monday, and inspectors have uncovered violations of restrictions that reduce emissions.Men’s Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey.

In 24 cities, mainly in North and Central China, air pollution on Sunday hit “hazardous” levels. Readings in eight of those cities – such as Shijiazhuang in Hebei province and Zhengzhou in Henan province – surpassed the upper limit
Customized Dallas Cowboys Jersey of 500 on the air quality index, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Monday afternoon.Women’s Nike Dallas Cowboys Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

In Shijiazhuang on Monday, the concentration of PM2.5 exceeded 1,000 micrograms per cubic meter at 1 pm and by 6 pm hovered around 900 at some measuring stations, according to the National Environmental Monitoring Center website.

PM2.5 refers to the particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less that can penetrate the lungs and is particularly harmful to human health.
Men’s Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale.

Severe smog is forecast to persist and get worse in North, Central and East China and to reach a peak on Wednesday. On Monday, the pollution began to
Customized Oakland Raiders Jersey expand into some regions further to the south, such as Hunan province.

Poor visibility from the smog has disrupted air and ground traffic.

In Tianjin, expressways and over 100 toll gates were closed, and the airport suspended service from Sunday night to 11:30 am Monday – 181 flights were canceled and 59 delayed.

To cope with the smog, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin and 21 other cities issued red alerts, the highest emergency response, by Monday. More than 50 cities in North, Central, East and South China had issued the second-highest level alert,Women’s Nike Personalized Oakland Raiders Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirts,orange, by Monday, the ministry said.

All these cities have placed stringent restrictions on industrial emissions and limited the use of vehicles. However, inspectors from the ministry and provinces encountered many violations over the weekend.

In Heze, Shandong province, the Runze Chemical Plant was still in production
Custom Raiders Jersey on Sunday despite the suspension of polluting activities mandated by the red alert.

By Monday, Beijing had found over 85,000 violations against private automobile restrictions, under which cars were allowed on the road on alternate days
Youth Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale based on their license plate numbers.

Customized Oakland Raiders Jersey HBS to DBS: Larry Culp’s General Management Journey

“If you were the CEO of an airline, could you be as engaging with the baggage handlers as you are in the boardroom?” – Larry Culp

The case method, which is used across all HBS classes, places students in the tough position of the decision maker. Often operating from the perspective of
Customized Oakland Raiders Jersey the CEO, students challenge each other in debates about how to best solve the real business and government challenges posed by the cases. In LEAD (Leadership and Organization Behavior), one of
Women’s Nike Personalized Oakland Raiders Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirts the HBS courses that makes up the school’s “required curriculum”, students set aside quantitative metrics to examine the human side of business leadership and the role it plays in designing effective enterprises, aligning organizations with visions, and motivating people amidst growth and change.

This fall, first year students in Section H have had the privilege of peeling back
Custom Raiders Jersey these layers of leadership and change management under the direction of one of the top CEOs in the world, Lawrence “Larry” Culp (HBS ‘90). Prior to joining HBS’s faculty, Larry spent 14 years as the CEO of Danaher Corporation. Under his leadership, Danaher’s revenues and market capitalization increased approximately five-fold to nearly $20 billion and $50 billion, respectively, while at the same time shareholder returns grew five times that of the S&P 500 Index. Despite Danaher’s continued success, Larry decided in 2014 to hang up his jersey and make room for the next chapter in his life.

“I knew I wouldn’t figure out all that I wanted to do while I was CEO,” Larry told The Harbus, “but I did make one commitment, to be the Board Chair at Washington College, my alma mater”. After taking a break to spend time with his wife and three children, fish in exotic locations and weigh his options, Larry found himself drawn to the world of academia. The opportunity to help mold the next generation of leaders was “hard to resist,” Larry says, given that “one of the major challenges we have as a country, and the world for that matter, is the state of our leadership, broadly defined”. So, 25 years after his
Custom Cowboys Jersey graduation, Larry was back on the HBS campus. Only this time he would be the one dishing out the cold calls. What made this return even more special is that Larry was being welcomed back to campus by his own LEAD Professor, a freshly minted PhD at the time, who is better known today as the Dean of Harvard Business School, Nitin Nohria.

Student Life at HBS

“Don’t be afraid of opposition or to be alone in your convictions. If you believe it, actively pursue it!” – Larry Culp

As Larry sat in his office chair, he began to reflect on his experience as an HBS student. “I can remember very vividly getting that letter,” he reminisced, “back in the day when it was a letter.” Larry had left behind a technology consulting career at Arthur Andersen – now known as Accenture – in pursuit of something
Men’s Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale closer to General Management. “I wanted to be closer to a traditional business where we had customers and not clients, where we had a real sense of daily competition,” he explained. This transitional period, however, was no rosy Customized Dallas Cowboys Jersey picture. “Make no mistake – for me HBS was challenging,” he admits, thinking back to the torrent of cases in the first year, “I was nobody’s Baker Scholar”.

Despite the academic rigor and competing priorities at HBS, Larry remained intentional about sticking to his career objectives. In an environment, much like today’s, in which “there was a heavy banking and consulting presence,” as Larry described it, he chose to spend his summer doing a manufacturing project in Racine, WI for Case Corporation. Working in a big factory where tractors and construction equipment were built was a stark contrast to anything he had previously experienced. Larry opened up about his motivations: “the Japanese model and German model of manufacturing were seen as the future and there were very few people who felt that US manufacturing had a future, which made it even more interesting. Perhaps it was the contrarian in me.”

Larry returned in his second year confident in his decision to pivot careers, but he continued recruiting in search of a firm with a leadership team and operating model he felt could to compete with the foreign firms he admired. With this in mind, Larry set forth on a robust independent search, eventually cold-calling George Sherman, just 10 days after Sherman’s appointment as Danaher’s CEO. Following an invitation out to D.C. the two met in person and ended up hitting it off. During their engagement Larry learned more about Sherman’s vision to bring about world-class manufacturing and innovation, which Larry found so compelling that he accepted an offer from the firm. Inspired by a leadership opportunity that wouldn’t pigeon-hole him – geographically or functionally – he took the offer not knowing what he would be doing or where he would be going. This was a chance Larry felt he could take coming out of HBS.

Early Life at Danaher

“You never know when an interviewer is trying to find your competency or your future potential. Be ready for both.” – Larry Culp

In 1990, Danaher was a public company, but still a fragmented collection of primarily domestic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) oriented businesses, with under $800 million in annual revenue. Larry began his career under the obscure title of Marketing Projects Coordinator, overseeing a product launch at a recently acquired company. His instructions were clear: “don’t screw it up”. Larry managed to follow those instructions and the product launch remains one of the most successful in Danaher history. That marketing role taught him valuable lessons he couldn’t learn through cases alone.

Larry recalled that HBS stressed the importance of being able to bring people along in a corporate setting, but that executing on that was a blind spot for him early in his career. “It’s not about being the smartest person in the room. It’s not about having a Harvard MBA,” Larry says, “it’s about bringing everybody around a particular objective or goal, having them feel good about it and catalyzing around that action.” It was clear to him that this is what leadership entailed, but he acknowledges that he was far from being good it at.
Women’s Nike Dallas Cowboys Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.There are no two ways about it, Larry says, “it takes reps; it takes practice. You have to practice.”

The learning curve was steep, but Danaher’s culture of winning and continuous improvement fit his competitive spirit. Larry describes a culture where “folks who were delivering and compatible with the culture were recognized and rewarded,” and how it was quite the opposite for those exhibiting “anything close to political behavior,” as he describes it. Over the next decade, as Larry continued to deliver results, he was granted hands-on exposure to international expansions, innovations across operating companies as well as Mergers & Acquisitions. In fact, he happily never had to turn down an opportunity presented to him within Danaher.

One of his greatest challenges came in 1998 when Larry was tapped to run his first large P&L after Danaher purchased Fluke Corp. Based in Connecticut at the time, Larry described being “dropped off in Everett [WA]” to lead a 1,500-person local workforce, despite not having been part of the diligence team. As Fluke’s President, he spent the next 18 months commuting from Hartford to Seattle. Each role came with its own set of challenges, but a healthy dose of humility allowed him to weather the storms. New acquisitions such as this were as much about learning as they were about teaching their Danaher Business System (DBS) model.

A homegrown version of the world-renowned Toyota Production System, DBS has been a core component of Danaher’s continued success. DBS exposes management to an array of continuous improvement tools, which they then apply during week-long visits to team meetings, factories and labs. No company acquired by Danaher is exempt from applying DBS tools. The Fluke acquisition, however, was a prime example of how the learning process is a two-way street. Fluke’s unique positioning in China, Larry says, “taught Danaher how to go-to-market in China as well as how to market and sell both direct and through distribution”. Using the DBS methodology, Danaher was able to leverage these
Men’s Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey market insights across its portfolio.

Adrian Peterson activated, Custom Cowboys Jersey set to start for Vikings

Adrian Peterson is back — officially.

The Vikings activated their star player from injured reserve Saturday,
Custom Cowboys Jersey according to an official announcement from the club. Defensive tackle Toby Johnson was waived in a corresponding move.
Men’s Nike Custom Made Dallas Cowboys Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Football Jersey.

Per NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, Peterson will be the starting halfback against the Colts as well.

The 10-year veteran could be a breath of fresh air for a rapidly-stalling Vikings offense. The team is currently 24th in points, 31st in total yards, and 32nd in rushing yards. Peterson had 50 yards on 31 carries through two games this
Customized Dallas Cowboys Jersey season before placing him on injured reserve in late September. While their banged-up offensive line is a source of many woes, Peterson is one of the few players in football who can negate deficiencies up front.Women’s Nike Dallas Cowboys Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

Peterson had surgery for a torn meniscus back on Sept. 22.

The Vikings (7-6) are well aware that they have to win out to keep their lofty playoff goals alive — a road that starts this weekend against the Indianapolis
Customized Oakland Raiders Jersey Colts. Peterson certainly cannot hurt those chances, and has already moved his return date up a week. His original
Men’s Nike Custom Made Oakland Raiders Elite Black Team Color NFL Jersey Sale Custom Raiders Jersey expectation was to be back for next weekend’s matchup against the division-rival Packers.Women’s Nike Personalized Oakland Raiders Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey Shirts.

Customized Philadelphia Phillies Jersey What to watch for in the three Thanksgiving games

1. Sole possession of the NFC North is up for grabs when these longtime foes launch Thursday’s drama. The Vikings broke a four-game losing streak in Week 11, but Minnesota’s offense did so with just 217 yards against the Cardinals. The
Customized Philadelphia Phillies Jersey Vikings haven’t run the ball for 100-plus yards since Week 4, but quarterback Sam Bradford is quietly enjoying a solid season, on pace for career bests in completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown-to-pick ratio and passer rating. He’s at his best when tight end Kyle Rudolph and ascendant wideout Stefon Diggs break free. That’s more than
Men’s Authentic Custom Philadelphia Phillies Alternate Home White Jersey Cheap possible against a Lions defense currently ranked as the worst unit in the league by the statheads over at Football Outsiders.

2. Detroit has long served as low-wattage fodder on Turkey Day, but this year’s squad has been a thrill to watch. Every Lions game has been decided by seven
Custom Dodgers Jersey points or less. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford — long one of the NFL’s most frustrating passers — has shined as a two-minute magician in 2016. Stafford’s six comeback wins after trailing in the fourth quarter mark an NFL first over 10 games. It’s almost entirely on Stafford, too, with Detroit failing to produce a 100-yard rusher since coach Jim Caldwell was hired in 2014. The question is whether the Lions can keep it going against a Vikings defense that hasn’t allowed a 100-yard receiver all season and saw its
Men’s Philadelphia Phillies Authentic Personalized Home White Baseball Jersey pass rush awaken against Arizona with a season-high 15 hits on the quarterback.

3. NFL Media scribe/lifelong Lions fans Kevin Patra is suspicious of Detroit’s campaign, telling me via email: “Lions fans typically add a side of skepticism (and sometimes nausea) to their Thanksgiving meal. This season, with no ground game and a bend-and-sometimes-break defense, the sense of the bottom falling out on Caldwell’s team is real. When every win comes on the back of a Stafford-led, fourth-quarter comeback, it’s hard to fault fans for
Customized Los Angeles Dodgers Jersey waiting for the magic to stop. At some point, the defibrillator could run out of spark. Thursday’s tilt against the Vikings will tell the story of whether this Lions team has a better shot to make the playoffs or, once again, rip out fans’ hearts before New Year’s.”

4. SOMETHING SMART TO BLURT OUT DURING THE GAME WHILE SURROUNDED BY RELATIVES: “Is it me, or does Lions guard Graham Glasgow look like a transcendent Russ Bolinger, the reliable blocker who toiled for Detroit from 1976 to 1982 before finishing his under-the-radar career with the Los Angeles Rams?”

Note: As a largely dismissed vegan, I have nothing to offer 99.4 percent of readers in the realm of Thanksgiving cooking tips. In response, I’ve corralled NFL Media scribe/foodie Conor Orr to provide readers with a sustenance-based recommendation for each game:

5. FOOD-BASED INPUT FROM ORR: “This has been the year of the brussel sprout, and the perfect way to kick off your Thanksgiving Day would be to deep fry a pound of quartered sprouts and toss them in a chile caramel sauce. Don’t be intimidated. Bon Apetit has an easy-to-follow recipe that will involve just one trip to your local, heartless, high-end food store. Fresh ginger is important,
Men’s Los Angeles Dodgers Authentic Personalized Royal Blue MLB BP Jersey Cheap,as is some good lemongrass. Don’t succumb to the temptation of pouring too much fish sauce — a little goes a long way.”

Washington Redskins (6-3-1) at Dallas Cowboys (9-1) (4:30 p.m. ET, FOX)

1. Remember last week’s breezy watercooler chatter about Baltimore’s “top-ranked” ground defense slowing Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott? Total garbage talk. Nobody has stopped the shoe-in Rookie of the Year, with Elliott operating as an eye-popping, freaky specimen from wire-to-wire. Having already crossed the 1,000-yard barrier and galloping at a healthy 4.9 yards per tote, the first-round gem must be neutralized for any chance to beat Dallas. The Redskins held Elliott to his second-lowest output in Week 2 (21/83/1), but that
Custom Phillies Jersey was before the rookie truly took off. It’s worth noting that Washington’s up-and-down run defense has kept teams to under 100 yards in four of the past five games.

2. The NFC East is historically over-televised — to ponderous levels — but nobody can argue with this matchup getting national love. Fans will be treated to a pair of white-hot quarterbacks in Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins. After officially wresting away the Cowboys’ job from Tony Romo, Prescott on Sunday became the first rookie in NFL lore to post 300-plus passing yards, multiple passing touchdowns and zero picks in back-to-back games. His multiple scoring throws in five straight starts have been matched by only three other rookies: Dan Marino, Russell Wilson and (most importantly) Charlie Conerly of the 1948 Giants. As for Cousins, the Redskins passer leads a second-ranked attack piling up 471 yards per game over their past five outings. After a slow start to the year, Cousins has scorched secondaries with 16 touchdowns and four picks over his past eight games. When he hits a groove, Cousins this season looks as
Youth Authentic Los Angeles Dodgers Customized Home White Baseball Jersey Cheap good as any passer in the NFC.

3. The Steelers lit up Dallas for 400 passing yards two Sundays ago. With cornerback Morris Claiborne (groin) and safety Barry Church (forearm) out of the lineup on Thursday, look for Cousins to test the field deep after frying the Packers for 375 yards and three scores in Week 11. Wideout Jamison Crowder looms as one of the most fascinating players we’ll see on Thanksgiving. He’s a lightning-fast target who can separate from coverage and blow games wide open with his return skills. Fully in bloom as a pass-catcher, all three of Crowder’s 100-yard games have come over the past month. If Dallas manages to quiet him, they’ll still be charged with slowing down deep-threat DeSean Jackson and electric tight end Jordan Reed.

4. CASUALLY DROP THIS NUGGET WHILE COUCHED NEXT TO A SEMI-SAUCED UNCLE PHILBERT: “Some say we’re tumbling toward an emotionless, robot-based society, but I haven’t given up on the power of the human spirit. Not when Next Gen Stats tells me that Cowboys safety Byron Jones has traveled 17,014 yards on the field this season.”

5. FOOD-BASED INPUT FROM ORR: “Here’s a great appetizer for your politically unpredictable uncle who left his hometown once because it was snowing and his favorite beer distributor had to close because their garage door wouldn’t open to serve out the back. Take your boneless popcorn chicken and toss it in Gochujang — a delicious Korean chili paste that pinballs between sweet, spicy and savory — and introduce him to another part of the world. Perhaps he won’t agree with your thoughts on Bernie Sanders, but you can both take solace in knowing that there are better foods out there in the American wilderness.”

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5) at Indianapolis Colts (5-5) (8:30 p.m. ET, NBC)

1. With Andrew Luck sidelined by a concussion, the Colts will be forced to start 29-year-old backup Scott Tolzien. There’s no understating what losing Luck means to this offense. His ability to make plays against constant pressure — no team blitzed more than Tennessee vs. Indy in Week 11 — and his recent chemistry with T.Y. Hilton (11 catches for 179 yards and a touchdown over the past two weeks) can’t be duplicated by Tolzien, who hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass since 2013. It’s not a Curtis Painter-level crisis for the Colts, but it’s close.

2. Which Steelers offense will we get? After throwing the playbook at Dallas in Week 10, Pittsburgh treated Sunday’s win over the Browns like a preseason game. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger directed a straightforward attack that unleashed star running back Le’Veon Bell with a whopping 36 touches for 201 total yards. In awful weather, Big Ben amassed just 167 passing yards, his lowest total since 2013. Roethlisberger was 0-for-4 on throws of 20-plus yards,Women’s Custom Stitched Any Name Any Number Los Angeles Dodgers Home White Jersey,but Indy’s temperate dome will allow Pittsburgh to press a Colts defense ranking an ugly 30th against the pass.

3. Is James Harrison human? The ageless Steelers pass rusher set a franchise career record for sacks (77.5) in Sunday’s drubbing of the Browns. Still a dangerous quarterback-destroyer, Harrison was at the center of a swarming Steelers defense that battered Cleveland signal-callers with eight sacks. Pittsburgh’s pass rush has been inconsistent, but the Steelers match up well against a Colts line that has allowed an outrageous 35 sacks — second most in the NFL. Tolzien could be in for a long day if Harrison, Lawrence Timmons, Ryan Shazier and Stephon Tuitt bring the house.4. STUN AUNT GEMMA WITH THIS GRIDIRON TIDBIT: “The second quarter of this Steelers-Colts game has a deliciously hostile feel to it. Not unlike the ominous hours of quiet anticipation before The White Lotus Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty of China in 1796. Agree or disagree?”

5. FOOD-BASED INPUT FROM ORR: “Do you have a hangover from a night of pre-Thanksgiving drinking with the people you didn’t like from high school, but are feeling a twinge of social inferiority now that you know one of those jerks has a great job with Merrill Lynch trading oil futures in a glass-encased corner office somewhere in beautiful downtown Berlin (He’s SO WORLDLY! But probably lonely. You’re doing fine. He quotes American Psycho but doesn’t GET IT.) Here’s a way to class up your greasy appetite while showing everyone from high school that you finished Infinite Jest and are ready to explore even broader horizons. Everyday Maven has a wonderful recipe for Edamame Cakes that involve just a few simple ingredients (salt, pepper, garlic, chili paste) but produce a flavorful fried dish that will wash away Wednesday’s regret. LOOK WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEBATE TEAM CAPTAIN NOW.”

Customized Falcons Jersey Child laborers to be returned home

Officials in Changshu, Jiangsu province, found eight child laborers on Tuesday
Customized Falcons Jersey after an online video exposed the illegal use of
Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform underage workers in garment factories.

The local government found the child workers after searching nearly 2,000 workshops and companies.

The children will be accommodated in a school and sent home after the government helps them to get their salaries, China News Service reported.

The government took action after a video uploaded to, a video website, went viral online. It featured several unnamed sources, their faces
Personalized Falcons Jersey obscured, who said agents had cheated people, including children under 16 years old, from Yunnan province by promising
Youth Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey them high wages.

According to Chinese law, companies cannot employ people younger than 16.

One source said that although the agents promise a monthly wage of 3,000 yuan ($435), the child laborers sometimes make less than half of that.

He also said they asked the workers to hand in their identity cards and bank cards in case they tried to run away. Workers cannot get paid if they quit before
Customized Ravens Jersey they worked for a whole year, and even have to pay for traveling and living expenses if they quit after one or two months, the source said.

He also said the agents resort to violence if they failed to keep the workers in their jobs. If the children “don’t obey”, he said, they “will be beaten”.Customized Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Elite Purple and Black Fadeaway Fashion Jersey.

“After they are beaten, they work fast,” he said.

A 15-year-old from Yunnan’s Wenshan Zhuang and Miao autonomous prefecture, who was identified only as Xiaoxiong, said the boss kept his ID card and took away his computer.

“I was asked to pay 3,700 yuan after I went to work for another factory and was found by my former boss,” he said.

Xiaoxiong said he could work on 350 pieces of clothing in one shift. But the
Customized Buffalo Bills Jersey boss asked him to increase that to 500. “I thought it wouldn’t be tiring to work on clothes, as you aren’t exposed to the sun. I never expected it to be so tiring,” he said.

On Monday, police detained the manager of an illegal clothing workshop that hired child labor. The workshop doesn’t have a license, the government said.

An official told China Youth Daily that there are about 4,000 clothing factories in Changshu, but such cases usually happen in illegal workshops without
Women’s Nike Buffalo Bills Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform licenses that change their locations frequently.

The Changshu government has found 211 child laborers in 107 cases since 2012, China News Service reported.Men’s Nike Personalized Buffalo Bills Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Football Jersey.

Customized Falcons Jersey 13 Times Apparent Trump Supporters Attacked

In a 60 Minutes interview earlier this month, Donald Trump claimed he wasn’t
Customized Falcons Jersey aware of the wave of hate that had followed on the heels of his presidential election victory.Men’s Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform.

“I’m so saddened to hear that,” he told CBS’ Lesley Stahl. “And I say, ‘Stop it.’ If it ― if it helps, I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: ‘Stop it.’”

At least one apparent Trump supporter didn’t heed the president-elect’s advice.

On Thursday, a Moroccan Uber driver in Queens, New York, filmed a man in a
Personalized Falcons Jersey white SUV harass him and call him a “terrorist” in a profanity-laced tirade.

“Trump is president, asshole, so you can kiss your fuckin’ visa goodbye, scumbag,” the man in the SUV yells. “We’ll deport you soon, don’t worry, you fuckin’ terrorist.”

The Uber driver, identified only as Mohammad in press reports, later showed the video to a passenger named Chris Cody. Cody told The Washington Post the driver was “shocked,” “upset” and “intimidated” by the incident.

He’s not alone in feeling that way.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has tracked some 700 acts of this kind of bias intimidation and harassment targeting Muslims, blacks, Latinos, immigrants,
Customized Ravens Jersey and LGBTQ people since Election Day, though the organization cautions it hasn’t independently verified every incident. Many of these attacks and acts of vandalism or harassment were done in Trump’s name,
Youth Nike Atlanta Falcons Personalized Elite Team Color Red NFL Football Jersey,according to the SPLC.

That’s why, for many American Muslims or people simply perceived to be Muslim, the president-elect’s plea for his supporters to “stop it” might feel more than a little disingenuous.

After all, it was Trump that called for the creation of a national database of Muslims, the surveillance of mosques and the profiling of Muslims. He’s often told an apocryphal story about shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pig’s blood, and once suggested that the Muslim mother of a fallen American soldier
Customized Men’s Nike Baltimore Ravens Elite Purple and Black Fadeaway Fashion Jersey wasn’t allowed to talk. He even once declared, “Islam hates us.”

And there’s growing evidence that this kind of political speech can have real and dangerous consequences ― that it can embolden people’s hate and radicalize them.

In the days directly following Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., there was an 87.5 percent increase in hate crimes against Muslims, according to The Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino.

Similarly, 2015 saw a 67 percent increase in the number of hate crimes
Women’s Nike Buffalo Bills Personalized Elite Away White NFL Football Uniform targeting Muslims, rising to a rate not seen in the U.S. since 2001.

But perhaps most telling are incidents like the one last Thursday in Queens,
Customized Buffalo Bills Jersey when apparent Trump supporters have either attacked, harassed, terrorized or plotted to kill their Muslim neighbors.Men’s Nike Personalized Buffalo Bills Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Football Jersey.

John Harbaugh: Custom Bengals Jersey Steve Smith welcome back for 2017

Watching Steve Smith haul in his 1,000th career catch on Sunday, it’s natural to wonder if the ageless wide receiver might consider delaying retirement for a
Custom Bengals Jersey second straight year.Customized Men’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Elite Orange and Black Fadeaway Fashion Jersey.

Still playing at a high level at age 37, Smith filled a highlight reel with a beautiful, toe-dragging sideline grab, several mad dashes after the catch and a tight-window touchdown reception versus the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11.

Along with perennial Pro Bowl guard Marshal Yanda, Smith has been
Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey Baltimore’s most valuable offensive player this year. The Ravens are 5-2 in seven games he has started and finished — and winless in the two games he missed with an ankle injury.Women’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

Coach John Harbaugh conceded Monday that the thought of luring Smith back to Baltimore for a 17th NFL season has “crossed my mind, of course.”

“If he wants to come back, he’s welcome. Absolutely,” Harbaugh continued, via “You like every good football player you can get. But I don’t want to
Custom Bills Jersey speak for Steve. He’s had an unbelievably awesome career.”

Harbaugh isn’t alone in delivering that message. Fellow wideout Mike Wallace revealed that he pitched the idea of another season or two after Smith celebrated his career milestone on Sunday.

Although Wallace noted that Smith is a “special player and a special person,” he acknowledged that the former Carolina Panthers star will “probably” retire.

“But if anybody can keep playing, it’s him,” Wallace added.

Smith is now eighth all-time in receiving yards (14,448) and 13th in receptions (1,005). Anyone who has witnessed his game-wrecking ability year-in and year-out for the past two decades understands his ticket is already punched for the Men’s Nike Personalized Buffalo Bills Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Football Jersey Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Two summers ago, Smith announced that 2015 would be his final season. He went on to exceed expectations, showing Pro Bowl form for seven weeks while
Customized Buffalo Bills Jersey joining Hall of Famer Jerry Rice as the most productive “old” wide receivers in NFL history.

Not long after an Achilles tear put a premature end to his farewell tour, Smith signed on for one final year so he could leave the game on his own unique terms.

Since the start of this season, though, Smith has not publicly addressed his NFL future.

Here’s hoping Harbaugh can coax the most entertaining playmaker of his
Youth Nike Buffalo Bills Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey generation back to Baltimore for one final swan song in 2017.

Custom Bengals Jersey Beijing to see 40 hours of snow

BEIJING – Under the influence of a strong cold spell, parts of Beijing have been
Custom Bengals Jersey hit by snowfall since early Sunday.

According to the meteorological observatory of Beijing, the city’s suburban Miyun District started to see mixed rain and snow at 7 am, which turned into
Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey snow at 9:36 am. The city’s Huairou District also started to see snow around 9:30 am.Women’s Nike Cincinnati Bengals Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.

Much of the city is expected to be hit with snow after 8 pm. and the best time to view the freshly fallen snow will be Monday morning. The rain and snow are
Custom Bills Jersey forecast to last more than 40 hours, with a blizzard possible for the western and northern areas of the city.Men’s Nike Personalized Buffalo Bills Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Football Jersey.

The city will see a significant temperature drop to as low as minus 10 degrees Celsius after the snow.

Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center said the snow will
Customized Buffalo Bills Jersey disperse the smog and air quality will be good from Sunday to Tuesday.Youth Nike Buffalo Bills Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.