In Late 2007,Custom Saints Jersey Obama Trailed Clinton By 26 Points. Bernie Sanders Is 2016’s Barack Obama

Before the Iowa Caucus in December of 2007, Pew Research reported that Barack Obama was 26 points behind Hillary Clinton. In the “Democratic Horse Race,” Custom Saints Jersey Hillary Clinton enjoyed 48% support while Obama was stuck at 22%. According to Gallup in late 2007, Hillary Clinton held a commanding lead over Senator Obama:

Gallup’s 2007 national presidential polling strongly points to Clinton winning the 2008 Democratic nomination. Barring something unusual or otherwise unexpected, she is well positioned for the 2008 Democratic primaries.Clinton has led the Democratic pack in every Gallup Poll conducted between November 2006 and October 2007. For most of this time, Clinton has led Obama by a double-digit margin.Clinton’s lead over Obama has expanded to nearly 30 points in Gallup’s latest poll, conducted Oct. 12-14: 50% vs. 21%.

Of course, we all know that because of a lead that expanded to nearly 30 points, there was little chance for Obama to win at that point. If anything,Custom Giants Jersey the words “Clinton has led the Democratic pack in every Gallup Poll conducted between November 2006 and October 2007” should have meant that only one candidate was electable, or capable of winning the primaries.

Sound familiar?

President Obama won, despite the polls, and Hillary Clinton lost, primarily Woman’s Nike New Orleans Saints Customized Elite Team Color Black Jersey
because one candidate was able to generate immense energy and enthusiasm.

However,Custom Jets Jersey it’s difficult to generate enthusiasm when you’re a Democratic nominee who voted for Iraq and is funded by prison lobbyists, but alas, Clinton supporters base their vote upon the perception of political power. This viewpoint ignores the fact that Democrats lose elections when voter turnout is low, and only Bernie Sanders can ensure a high voter turnout in 2016. Between an expanding FBI investigation, Clinton’s negative favorability ratings, and her longstanding ties to Donald Trump, Republicans would win the White House with a Clinton nomination.

Thus far, 14% of Democrats according to CBS News will not support Hillary Clinton. Furthermore, I explain in The Huffington Post and Salon that I’m one of these Democrats. Yes, I will risk four years of a Republican to ensure the
Men’s Custom New York Giants Nike Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Jersey Democratic Party doesn’t shift dangerously to the right on foreign policy; electing a Democrat withneoconservative support and advisers, funded by prison lobbyists, and who once falsely claimed “I remember landing under sniper fire.”

Furthermore, many voters (astonished by a liberal who won’t vote for Clinton) fail to realize the difference between a president and a member of Congress.
Custom Raiders Jersey  Unlike a Senator or member of Congress, the president has the AUMF and can wage war unilaterally, and I don’t trust Clinton with this kind of power.

If you hate guns, you should also hate Hillary Clinton’s “neocon” foreign policy. In terms of deadly weapons, the NRA is nothing compared to the number of guns Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy would utilize, and based on her record, there’s a likelihood of more American ground troops sent to Syria, Iraq, and other quagmires.

If you don’t believe me, just read Clinton’s book review in The Washington Post of Henry Kissinger’s World Order.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, already defeats Trump and Bush in landslide victories according to recent general election polls. Unlike Clinton, who’s now the subject of impeachment by a GOP Congressman (one year before the election), Bernie Sanders is respected on both sides of the aisle and won the Congressional Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sanders appeals to Democrats, Independents, and evensome Republicans.

In my latest appearances on The Benjamin Dixon Show, the discussion centered on why Bernie Sanders is the best chance Democrats have of defeating Donald Trump. We also discussed Clinton’s use of race against Barack Obama in 2008, as well as why Bernie Sanders is able to motivate voters, whereas Hillary Clinton’s record on the biggest issues is a liability.

Benjamin Dixon also has a message for the Sanders campaign. At 28:10 on the YouTube segment, he states “I’m behind Bernie Sanders 100%” primarily because “Hillary Clinton is a damn good Republican” and this is a moment when Americans should volunteer to ensure Bernie Sanders wins in 2016.Women’s Nike New York Jets Customized Elite Team Color Green Football Jersey Shirts.

The host of The Benjamin Dixon Show is so passionate about Bernie Sanders, he’s willing to campaign for him in South Carolina (joining Cornel West and other African American supporters) and speak to black voters in churches and other locations, simply to ensure that Vermont’s Senator wins the presidency.

This the type of enthusiasm is the hallmark of Bernie’s campaign, like Obama’s in 2008. In terms of enthusiasm, I explain in this YouTube segment why Clinton is unelectable due to negative favorability ratings.

I also explain why voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and across the nation will vote for Sanders over Clinton or Trump in this YouTube segment.

Although some observers are convinced that poll numbers have ensured a Clinton victory, there’s a reason Hillary Clinton finished third in Iowa, behind Obama and John Edwards, in 2008.

When Yahoo News writes an article titled More Americans distrust Hillary Clinton than trust her, it’s difficult to generate energy and enthusiasm amidst such negative favorability ratings. These issues plagued Clinton in 2008, and the coming year will see an ever-expanding FBI investigation linked to her emails, as well as a potential mutiny from progressives.

There are already 25,000 people who’ve decided to write in Sanders if he’s not the Democratic nominee.Custom NFL Jersey Cheap This number will almost certainly grow in the coming months, as many voters will refrain from choosing the lesser of two evils in 2016.

In contrast, Bernie Sanders reached 1 million donations faster than any presidential campaign in history, and according to Zaid Jilani, “Barack Obama did not reach this threshold until February of 2008.” In fact, Bernie Sanders is raising more money than any Republican candidate. As for campaign funding, Clinton answered a question about her Wall Street donors by evoking 9/11; an answer that correlates to polls indicating swing states don’t trust Clinton.

Back in August, over 100,000 people had attended events with Bernie Sanders; the total has no doubt increased by a substantial amount. Also, something interesting happened during the first debate. Bernie Sanders won the battle for hearts and minds of Democrats the moment Anderson Cooper asked Hillary Clinton, “Will you say anything to get elected?”

During the first debate, CNN’s most recognizable host introduced his question with a paraphrase of everything I’ve been trying to illustrate in my writing:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN:Secretary Clinton, I want to start with you. Plenty of politicians evolve on issues, but even some Democrats believe you change your positions based on political expediency.

You were against same-sex marriage. Now you’re for it. You defended President Obama’s immigration policies. Now you say they’re too harsh. You supported his trade deal dozen of times. You even called it the “gold standard.” Now, suddenly, last week, you’re against it.Will you say anything to get elected.

Most politicians would be ashamed of such a question, and most supporters would be incensed, but not the Clinton campaign. In addition, professional pundits overlooked the question and gave Clinton the win, while a Time Men’s Custom Oakland Raiders Nike Elite Team Color Black NFL Jersey magazine poll of 284,688 votes shows that 60% of viewers (compared to a notable 26% for Jim Webb and only 12% for Clinton) felt Bernie Sanders won the debate.

Speaking of Time Magazine, Bernie Sanders leads Time’s Person of the Year Poll, beating Pope Francis and Barack Obama.
Men’s Custom New York Giants Nike Elite Team Color Royal Blue NFL Jersey. In contrast, Time writes that Hillary Clinton “has earned 1.3 % of the vote, trailing the likes of Vladimir Putin…”

Also, Democrats can’t win going into Election Day with an ever-expanding FBI investigation. A POLITICO article on November 10, 2015 titled FBI steps up interviews in Clinton email probe explains the magnitude of the ongoing investigation.

Finally, as Lelita Cannon writes in The Root, “Before Killer stepped away from the podium, he made sure to clarify that Bernie ‘spent the last 50 years radically fighting for your rights and mine.'” When African American and Latino voters choose Sanders over Clinton, America is looking at a landslide victory within the Democratic Primary for Bernie Sanders. The more people learn about Clinton, like the fact her campaign was funded by prison lobbyists and used race as tool against Obama in 2008, the greater the likelihood of Sanders running away with the Democratic nomination. Bernie Sanders, not Clinton, is 2016’s Barack Obama, and ever-changing poll numbers won’t stop Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination.

Custom Saints Jersey West-leading Cards squeak out win over pesky 49ers

It wasn’t pretty, but the playoff-bound Cardinals (9-2) remain in the driver’s seat of the NFC West after knocking off the 49ers (3-8) 19-13 on Sunday — Arizona’s first win in San Francisco since 2008. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Give the 49ers credit. After piling up nearly 36 points per game over their last three tilts, theCardinals were made to look human on Sunday.Custom Saints Jersey Facing an active front seven, quarterback Carson Palmer threw for just 97 yards in the first half while Arizona’s banged-up cast of runners were a liability the entire way. Niners coordinator Eric Mangini overcame a flood of penalties to keep it close and shut down the passing lanes.Custom Giants Jersey Palmer’s 48-yard strike to John Brown and his 34-yarder to speedyJ.J. Nelson — setting up Palmer’s game-sealing touchdown scamper — were among the few memorable plays from an offense that has thrilled fans all season. We can overreact to Men’s Nike Custom Made New Orleans Saints College Black Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale Sunday’s less-than-pretty performance, but from another angle, the Cardinals won this game with a 14-play, 85-yard march that chewed 7:57 off the clock. That marks their longest drive all year.

2. Blaine Gabbert continues to operate as an upgrade over Colin Kaepernick. After generating just three points in the first half,Custom Jets Jersey Gabbert came out of the break to lead San Francisco on a 77-yard touchdown march capped by his eight-yard scoring strike to Vance McDonald. The former Jaguarsflameout hit passes of 48, 41, 20, 18, 17 and 16 yards over the final 30 minutes. That’s progress! Gabbert showed newfound poise outside the pocket, but it was distressing to see San Francisco finish 0-for-9 on third downs. Averaging 8.8 yards per throw, though, puts the “Gabbert Zone” jokes back in bubble wrap.

3. A painful day for Arizona’s backfield: Both Chris Johnson (knee) and Andre Ellington (foot) left for the locker room in the second half. Neither returned.Custom Raiders Jersey  It’s fair to ask if Johnson is slowing down. After rushing for 348 yards at 5.9 yards per carry in October, the artist formerly known as CJ2K was held to just 3.0 yards per rush in November. Johnson lacked punch again on Sunday with just 17 yards off 12 carries.Woman’s Nike New York Giants Customized Elite Red Alternate Football Jersey for Sale. Keep in mind that Arizona averaged 2.4 yards per tote on Sunday after the Seahawks amassed 255 yards at 5.8 yards per tote just seven days ago. We could see plenty of rookie David Johnsondown the stretch.

4. It’s redundant to nitpick the Niners at this stage, but it was distressing to watch San Francisco’s defense pile up a whirlwind of penalties in the red zone,Women’s Nike New York Jets Customized Elite Team Color Green Football Jersey Shirts, end zone and everywhere else. The flags masked over an otherwise stout effort at the line of scrimmage.

5. We’ll continue to tout Tyrann Mathieu as a Defensive Player of the Year candidate after theCardinals safety picked off a pass and drove the 49ers crazy all day with a team-leading 13 tackles, two passes defensed and a tackle for loss. Youth Nike Oakland Raiders Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey.One of the most versatile defenders league-wide, Mathieu is playing the best football of his life.

6. Not a bad outing for Shaun Draughn, the reserve 49ers back who held his own on the ground (15/51) and gave Gabbert a reliable target,Custom NFL Jersey Cheap hauling in five passes for 35 yards out of the backfield. Wait, why did the Browns cut this guy?

Custom Seahawks Jersey New York’s Thanksgiving parade draws huge crowd amid tight security

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Crowds of spectators watched the marching bands, floats and giant balloons of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, held without incident under tight security almost two weeks after deadly attacks in Paris.

New York officials expected more than 3 million spectators to have lined the route for the city’s signature parade in its 89th year.Custom Seahawks Jersey They had urged residents and visitors to carry on with holiday plans, saying there were no credible threats to the United States’ most populous city.

President Barack Obama sought to reassure Americans on Wednesday they were safe to travel over the holiday.Men’s Nike Custom Made Seattle Seahawks College Navy Blue Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale.

Police, who were patrolling in record numbers, arrested a 41-year-old Russian
Men’s Custom St. Louis Rams Nike Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Jersey tourist for flying a drone in Central Park near the parade route with his son, 14. No other incidents were reported, a spokeswoman said.

Police walked alongside many parade groups and helicopters hovered overhead amid enhanced security following the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris. Islamic State Custom Rams Jersey militants have claimed responsibility for the assault in which 130 people died.

“You can’t live in fear,” said Irey, who works in the financial sector. “The police officers with guns in Times Square heightens your awareness.”

About 50 million people worldwide were expected to have watched the televised 2.5-mile (4-km) parade on a route ending at Macy’s flagship store.Custom Redskins Jersey The show ushers in the U.S. holiday season and the busiest time of year to travel.

Crowds up to 80 people deep in places applauded baton twirlers, stilt walkers and giant helium balloons of such cartoon characters as Snoopy and Hello Kitty, which hovered over the parade route.

Children on their parents’ shoulders narrated the parade to those in the crowd unable to see. Some youngsters climbed onto police vans, adding to the holiday atmosphere.

Police had added members of a new counterterrorism unit to parade security. Women’s Nike Washington Redskins Customized Elite Team Color Red Football Jersey Shirts.Officers guarded subway entrances and circulated through crowds under mostly sunny skies.

“The security is so stringent in NYC that it puts you at ease right from your arrival at the airport,”Custom NFL Jersey Cheap said Anne Marie Sheehy, 49, of Liverpool, England, who was watching the parade with her travel companion, Paula Deegan, 50.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll shows Americans have become more concerned about threats since the Paris attacks and identified terrorism as the most important problem facing the country.

3 Reasons You Will Get a Raise in 2016

It’s that time of year again. Will you or won’t you? And I am not talking about getting an ugly sweater from Aunt Nancy. That’s a sure thing.Custom Seahawks Jersey I am talking about the review that takes place for tens of millions of folks this time of year and something you really care about — is your paycheck going to swell? Money isn’t everything, but it surely is something.

Last week, I wrote about the one belief that is destroying many careers. I want to counter that by discussing how you know if you will get a raise.

The global economy is humming and companies are hiring for many open positions. However,Custom Rams Jersey new studies suggest that some profits are down this quarter and pay raises actually might be rare, despite growth indicators. So will you be one of the lucky few?

Have you thought about what the leading signs of a pending raise are?Men’s Nike Seattle Seahawks Personalized Elite Alternate Gray Football Jersey Shirt, Do you already know if your value to the company indicates a bump in pay is coming your way?

As the CEO of rapidly growing software company, I have been thinking about compensation a lot lately. We don’t actually wait for annual reviews to increase employees’s salary,Women’s Nike Custom St. Louis Rams Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Jersey, because rewards for great accomplishment should not be tied to any specific month of the year.

We believe in rewarding performance at all times and have even rolled out a meaningful profit sharing program this year. Employees are the most important asset a company has — and receiving meaningful compensation should be the last thing on their minds.

But we know that not every company thinks like that. So, how do you know if you will receive a raise?

The one sign that you are getting a raise is that you take more responsibility than your peers.

Before a raise comes, you are typically doing a bigger job than you are getting paid for. Take a hard look at yourself and your work ethic. If you want a raise you should always:

Own it
Owning it means feeling a sense of accountability for producing great work time and time again. When you’re in a meeting and your boss asks for volunteers, raise your hand. Take ownership of bigger projects over time and help fix tough problems to increase your value.

Absorb blame
The most valuable employees are true leaders.Custom Redskins Jersey They lead when all is well and absorb blame when projects go awry.Men’s Custom St. Louis Rams Nike Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Jersey. They suck up customer complaints and never point fingers. This doesn’t mean that they don’t follow up to figure out what went wrong when necessary; they do. They just don’t throw anyone under the bus during that process.

Throw credit
Great employees also deflect credit and are selfless. They know that great work results from a team effort and they remind both peers and managers of that. Teams rise and fall together, and saying “Keith and Ashley are really the ones who stepped up,” goes a long way.

Taking responsibility is not a guaranteed driver of a raise, but it’s the most important thing you can do. It gives you the best chance to shine and helps you develop additional skills you need to grow your career and be happy.

If you take more responsibility and your raise doesn’t come, the worst thing you can do is act bitter about doing all that “extra work.”Custom NFL Jersey Cheap At a minimum, you gained new experience and worked on something new. You are still better for it. And you will be rewarded in time either at your current company or a new one if you decide to move on.

So when you’re considering the year-end “will you or won’t you” question, look inward to yourself instead of outward to your company. And if you haven’t,Women’s Nike Washington Redskins Customized Elite Team Color Red Football Jersey Shirts, then immediately take responsibility to position yourself for that fatter paycheck next year.

The New Nativist Hysteria is Illegitimate, Divisive and Dangerous

The numbers could still rise, but thus far, governors in some 30 states have announced that they want to close their borders to refugees from Syria.

The House of Representatives has also roared into action, approving the Custom Seahawks Jersey American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act of 2015 by a resounding margin of 289-137, in an effort to “suspend” the admission of new migrants from either Syria or Iraq.

After securing passage of the SAFE Act, the House Republican leadership vowed to introduce additional anti-immigrant measures. One bill — the Protection of Men’s Nike Custom Made Seattle Seahawks College Navy Blue Team Color NFL Football Jersey Sale Children Act — would expedite the deportation of unaccompanied alien minors. Another — theAsylum Reform and Border Protection Act — would restrict the grounds available for aliens inside the U.S. to claim political asylum.

At the same time, out on the hustings, GOP campaign rhetoric is soaring to new heights of xenophobia. Not content with his bellicose promise to build a wall Custom Rams Jersey along our nation’s southern border, Donald Trump recently told NBC News that if elected he would compile a national registry of Muslim-Americans and that he would consider issuing them special IDs denoting their religion. Following suit, in a speech delivered in Alabama, Ben Carson compared some Syrian refugees with “rabid dogs.”

Nativist hysteria and scapegoating are nothing unusual in our history, but the current iteration is especially malignant because it has gone mainstream so rapidly — even 47 Democrats voted in favor of the SAFE Act. And while the Men’s Custom St. Louis Rams Nike Elite Team Color Navy Blue NFL Jersey malignancy was certainly in place before the barbaric Islamic State attacks of Nov. 13 in Paris, the attacks have given it a veneer of legitimacy that would have been unthinkable only a few weeks earlier.

The new nativism, of course, is anything but legitimate. Like its cousins of bygone eras that targeted the Irish, the Chinese, Jews and many others, it is steeped in Men’s Custom Washington Redskins Nike Elite Team Color Red NFL Jersey ignorance and fear, stirred up by political demagogues and opportunists and stoked by media outlets (newspapers in yesteryear, cable TV today) more interested in financial bottom lines than honest reporting.

The new nativism is also, in many respects, flat-out illegal. And where it’s not flatly illegal, it’s flatly irrational and offers nothing to protect us from international terrorism.

Consider, for starters, the call for the creation of a national Muslim database and the issuance of Muslim IDs. Notwithstanding the infamous 1944 case of Custom Redskins Jersey Korematsu v. United States, in which the Supreme Court shamelessly upheld the wartime internment of Japanese-Americans in an area stretching from the state of Washington to southern Arizona, the database and ID proposals would never pass constitutional muster today. They would plainly violate the First, Fourth and Fifth amendments on religious liberty, privacy and equal-protection grounds.

And then there’s the threat to close state borders. Since at least 1868, the Supreme Court has recognized that the freedom to travel from state to state is a fundamental constitutional right (Crandall v. Nevada). Once they are legally resettled in the U.S., refugees cannot be barred from crossing state lines. Nor should they be.

According to a New York Times study, the U.S. has taken in 1,854 Syrian refugees since 2012. Going back to 2011, when the Syrian civil war started, the tally stands at just under 2,200.

Whatever the exact figure and despite the histrionics of many governors, Syrian refugees already here have been relocated peacefully and without reported Women’s Nike Washington Redskins Customized Elite Team Color Red Football Jersey Shirts incidents in 35 states scattered across every region of the country. They are, the Times reports, “among the most vulnerable people” caught up in the civil war that has ravaged their homeland: “single mothers and their children; religious minorities; victims of violence or torture.” Only 2 percent are single men of combat age.

Just as they can’t shut down their borders, state governors cannot determine who gets to come to this country in the first place. The Supreme Court has held repeatedly — most recently just three years ago in Arizona v. United States — that the authority to control immigration is vested exclusively in the federal government. Governors don’t have a say.

Congress, however, does have a say, and in fact a predominant one, in enacting and changing immigration and refugee laws. That’s what makes the SAFE Act so dangerous.

As legal commentator Ian Millhiser, the editor of ThinkProgress Justice, noted in awidely cited column published before the House vote on the SAFE Act, the
Custom NFL Jersey Cheap president and the executive branch administer refugee policy. Under current law — specifically, the Refugee Act of 1980 — the president has the discretion to admit refugees into the United States who face “persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

The president also sets the nation’s annual refugee ceiling after “appropriate consultation” with Congress. In fiscal 2015, the ceiling was calibrated at 70,000. In September, President Obama raised the 2016 fiscal year quota to 85,000, largely to facilitate the entry of an additional 10,000 displaced Syrians.

Contrary to what you may have heard from Trump and cable news, the refugee-vetting process is long, painstaking and laborious, taking on average two years to complete.

The process usually begins with registration and screening by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The screening involves interviews, home-country reference inquiries and biometric exams such as iris scans. Military combatants are rejected. The process takes four to 10 months, and according toPolitiFact, the UNHCR refers around 1 percent of applicants for overseas resettlement.

Once prospective refugees are referred to the U.S., they are subjected to additional interviews and cross-checks lasting another 18 to 24 months, conducted by a variety of federal agencies, including the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Counterterrorism Center and the FBI. After all these steps, Syrian refugees must clear yet another layer of investigation designed especially for them called the Syrian Enhanced Review process before they can set foot in the U.S.

Obama administration officials maintain that the current vetting system subjects potential refugees to “the most rigorous screening of any traveler[s]” to the country.

The SAFE Act would bring the system to a grinding halt by requiring the directors of the FBI, the director of national intelligence and the secretary of homeland security to personally certify each and every refugee approval. Even FBI chief James Comey, who has questioned the current framework’s efficiency, has expressed concerns that the requirements would make it impossible to process any refugees into the country.

To overcome a presidential veto should the SAFE Act make it through the Senate, House GOP leaders have threatened to attach the legislation to the omnibus spending bill Obama must sign in December to avoid a partial government shutdown. The stakes thus could not be higher.

The fear and anxiety many Americans harbor in the aftermath of the Paris attacks are entirely understandable. No one wants to be shot or blown to bits while sipping coffee or attending a rock concert.

But the nativist outburst on Capitol Hill and across the heartland won’t make us any safer. In fact, it plays directly into the hands of terrorist organizations like Islamic State.

Writing in a recent online issue of the The New York Review of Books’ NYR Daily, Middle East analysts Scott Atran and Nafees Hamid explain that Islamic State wants to sow chaos and division in the West. Its recruitment drives thrive on the isolation of Muslim communities and the disaffection of the young in urban centers like Paris and Antwerp. The Nov. 13 attacks in Paris were staged by homegrown jihadis.

With the disastrous invasion of Iraq that took the lives of an estimated 165,000 civilians, the U.S. helped to unleash the Islamic State Frankenstein’s monster. Now, the creature has us in its crosshairs.

Bringing down the monster won’t be easy or happen quickly, even in the best-case scenario. It won’t happen at all if we deny refuge to victims of Islamic State terror abroad and demonize Muslim-Americans at home. We’re better and smarter than that — or at least we should be.

Custom Steelers Jersey Nazi-inspired TV advertising removed from New York subway

Nazi-inspired advertising for the TV show The Man in the High Castle has been removed from the subway in New York after complaints.

The Amazon show Custom Steelers Jersey is about an alternate world where Nazi Germany and Japan rule the US after winning World War ll.

The ads showed an American flag with a German eagle and cross in place of the stars and an Imperial Japanese flag.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo intervened to get the advertising removed.

The city’s Mayor Bill de Blasio had also called on Amazon to remove the advertising,Personalized NFL Jersey which he called “irresponsible and offensive to World War Two and Holocaust survivors, their families, and countless other New Yorkers”.

The advertising was wrapped around the seats, walls and ceilings of one train on the shuttle line that connects Times Square and Grand Central Terminal.Woman’s Nike New England Patriots Customized Elite Alternate Red Football Jersey.

The Anti-Defamation League criticised the advertising for its lack of context.

“On the television program, which explains this is the notion of an America controlled by Hitler, you get that context.Custom Patriots Jersey On the train, seeing the American flag paired with a Nazi symbol is viscerally offensive because there is no context as to what it means. The fact that the flag is spread across the seats only compounds the effect.”

Amazon released a statement about the programme that did not refer to the advertising specifically, but said the show was “high-quality,Youth Nike Tampa Bay Buccaneers Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey, provocative programming that spurs conversation”.

The advertising was taken down after Governor Andrew Cuomo called the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to ask him to ensure it was removed.

Posters for the TV show, which is based on the Philip K Dick novel, are still in the subway.

The show’s creator and executive producer Frank Spotnitz told Entertainment Weekly Custom Buccaneers Jersey that he understood why people were upset by the advertising but said Amazon had a tough job.

“It’s very difficult with a show with subject matter like this to market it tastefully, so I understand they’re walking a very difficult line.”

“If they had asked me, I would have strongly advised them not to do it…

“Within the show, there is a context where you see why [they’re used],Men’s Custom Pittsburgh Steelers Nike Elite Team Color Black NFL Jersey, but just to put them out like that without the context was unfortunate.”

Custom Patriots Jersey U.S. appeals court rules against Wisconsin abortion doctor law

A Wisconsin law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital is unconstitutional,Custom Patriots Jersey  a U.S. appeals court ruled on Monday, addressing a topic the U.S. Supreme Court is considering during its current term.

Abortion providers in Wisconsin had challenged the state law, which requires doctors to have privileges at a hospital within 30 miles (50 km).Custom Buccaneers Jersey  The law’s supporters said the measure ensures continuity of  Men’s Nike Custom Made New England Patriots Elite Team Color Navy Blue Jersey Cheap care while opponents say it serves almost no public health value and is intended to shut clinics.

A federal judge in March permanently blocked the Wisconsin law, ruling that the health benefits, if any, were outweighed by the burden on women’s health caused by restricted access to abortion.

The U.S. Supreme Court earlier in November agreed to take up a major abortion case for the first time since 2007. In that case, Texas abortion providers are Youth Nike Tampa Bay Buccaneers Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey challenging state requirements that they have admitting privileges and costly hospital-grade surgical facilities.

In the Wisconsin case, the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals said a statute that curtails the constitutional right to an abortion,Custom Steelers Jersey  such as the Wisconsin and Texas laws, cannot withstand challenge without evidence that it is justified by benefits.

The evidence presented to the Texas legislature and discussed in the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals was weak and was nonexistent in the Wisconsin case, Judge Richard Posner found in an opinion concurred in by Judge David Hamilton.

Judge Daniel Manion dissented, saying that Wisconsin had a rational basis for the law.

Abortion remains a contentious issue in the United States more than four Personalized NFL Jersey decades after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the procedure and some states have sought to chip away at a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

The Supreme Court has allowed some state restrictions on abortions, such as permitting states to mandate parental consent for minors.
Men’s Custom Pittsburgh Steelers Nike Elite Team Color Black NFL Jersey. But the top court has said states cannot impose an “undue burden” on the right to end a pregnancy.

Custom Chiefs Jersey New Zealand helicopter crash: Recovery of bodies delayed

Attempts to recover the remaining bodies of those who died in a helicopter crash in New Zealand, which killed four Britons, have been postponed until at least Wednesday.

Bad weather at the Fox Glacier has hampered attempts to reach the site.

The bodies of four of the seven victims have been recovered so far.

The Britons are Andrew Virco, 50, and Katharine Walker,Custom Chiefs Jersey 51, from Cambridge, and Nigel and Helen Charlton, aged 66 and 70, from Hampshire.

The aircraft crashed in a crevasse on the glacier, on New Zealand’s South Island, on Saturday morning.Men’s Nike Custom Made Jacksonville Jaguars Elite Team Color Teal Green Jersey Cheap.

The crash site is on the island’s remote west coast, which is a popular tourist area.

Also among the dead are Sovannmony Leang, 27, and Josephine Gibson, 29, both from New South Wales, Australia, and pilot Mitchell Gameren, 28, from Queenstown, New Zealand.

The bodies which have been recovered have been taken to a temporary mortuary facility nearby for formal identification,Custom Jaguars Jersey which New Zealand Police say might take several days.

The cause of the crash is being investigated.

Rebecca Walker, 22, said her mother, Katharine, “worked hard and she played hard”.

“She affected so many people in so many good ways,” she told the BBC.

She added that the couple’s “big adventure” to New Zealand was to celebrate turning 50.

Colleagues of Ms Walker, who was head of radiotherapy at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, are said to be “devastated” by her death.Women’s Nike Custom Kansas City Chiefs Elite Team Color Red NFL Jersey.

The family of grandparents Mr and Mrs Charlton, who lived in the village of Dunbridge, near Romsey, said they were “deeply saddened”.

“They were very adventurous when it came to travel and this holiday was to be their last big adventure together,” their statement said.

Operation commander inspector John Canning said they were “determined to return these people to their families” but said they faced a “complex and technical task”.

“The site is near the top of the glacier,Custom Dolphins Jersey it’s all ice, it’s not level and there are blocks of ice as big as buildings with crevasses between them,” he said.

The helicopter involved is believed to be a Eurocopter “Squirrel” operated by local firm Alpine Adventures,Women’s Nike Miami Dolphins Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirts, which also trades as Fox Glacier Heliservices.

In a statement the firm said: “Fox Heliservices’ thoughts are with the families of the passengers and pilot.

“The pilot was a very valued member of our team.Customized NFL Jersey The New Zealand Police and Civil Aviation Authority have taken over the investigation.”

A UK Foreign Office spokesman said it was providing consular assistance to the families of those killed.

Customized NFL Jersey Governors Have No Right to Exclude Syrian Refugees

As the world reels from the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last week, more than half of US governors began lining up to scapegoat Syrian refugees fleeing violence in their country.Customized NFL Jersey Of those 27 governors, all but one are Republicans. Democrat Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire joined the gubernatorial group and called for the United States to refuse to admit those fleeing Syria. Many proclaimed they would deny entry to the refugees. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote to President Barack Obama: “I write to inform you that the State of Texas will not accept any refugees from Syria in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Paris.”Men’s Nike Custom Made Jacksonville Jaguars Elite Team Color Teal Green Jersey Cheap.

A Republican congressman from Tennessee, House Republican Caucus Chair Glen Casada, wants the National Guard to round up Syrian refugees already Customized-Miami-Dolphins-Jersey settled there and prevent others from entering Tennessee. “We need to activate the Tennessee National Guard and stop [Syrian refugees] from coming into the state by whatever means we can,” he said.

But only the federal government – not the states – has the power to decide if and where refugees can settle in this country.

The Law on States’ Rights and Immigration

In 2012, the Supreme Court reaffirmed Custom Jaguars Jersey in Arizona v. United States that “The Government of the United States has broad, undoubted power over the subject of immigration and the status of aliens.” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority, “Returning an alien to his own country may be deemed inappropriate … The foreign state may be mired in civil war, complicit in political persecution, or enduring conditions that create a real risk that the alien or his family will be harmed upon return.” Kennedy noted that under the supremacy clause of the US Constitution, “Congress has the power to preempt state law.” States cannot regulate conduct in a field that Congress “has determined must be regulated by its exclusive governance,” Kennedy added. “Federal law makes a single sovereign responsible for maintaining a comprehensive and unified system to keep track of aliens within the Nation’s borders.”

The 1980 Refugee Act grants authority to the president to determine how many refugees may be admitted to the United States. The president must consider whether “an unforeseen emergency refugee situation exists” and whether “the Women’s Nike Custom Kansas City Chiefs Elite Team Color Red NFL Jersey admission of certain refugees in response to the emergency refugee situation is justified by grave humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest.”

Obama said he Custom Chiefs Jersey will continue with his plan to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2015, stating “many of these refugees are the victims of terrorism themselves … That’s what they’re fleeing. Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values.”

“Our nations can welcome refugees who are desperately seeking safety and ensure our own security,” he added, citing rigorous screening and security checks. “We can and must do both.”
Republican presidential candidates, including Marco Rubio and Ben Carson, oppose the admission of Syrian refugees to the United States. Donald Trump says if he’s elected president, “they’re going back.”

Responding to Jeb Bush, who wants to focus assistance efforts on Christian refugees fleeing Syria, Obama retorted, “That’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.” In fact, in addition to Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, Alawites, Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims have been targeted for persecution by ISIS.

Refugee Screening and Resettlement

While states cannot refuse to admit refugees, they may make resettlement more onerous by denying resources, including housing assistance, to the federal government. If governors tried to block certain categories of refugees, they would be vulnerable to discrimination lawsuits.

Security screenings for refugees are conducted by several federal agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, FBI, National Customized-Kansas-City-Chiefs-Jersey Counterterrorism Center and National Security Council. “The vetting process now in place is already a dreadful maze – a Rubik’s Cube of bureaucracies practically guaranteeing that few Syrians will ever set foot on our shores,” according to James Jennings, president of Conscience International, a humanitarian organization that delivers aid to Syrian refugees in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. “The process takes up to three years and requires 21 steps with numerous agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, all required to sign off. There is next to no chance that a terrorist could get in under the present system. A greater threat is posed by considerable numbers of disaffected, angry young men who are already in the US.”

Kevin Appleby, director of the Migration and Refugee Services Office of Migration and Refugee Policy at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, concurs. “These refugees are the most vetted,Custom Dolphins Jersey  they go through more security screening than any arrivals to the United States. It’s not like Europe. It’s a different scenario,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

Muslims constitute the largest proportion of victims of terrorism, with those in Syria and Iraq leading the pack. Many of the Syrian refugees in Europe are escaping ISIS; others are fleeing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s repression. Iyad El-Baghdadi, an activist during the Arab Spring, monitors jihadist chatter on Twitter. “Nothing pissed off Islamist extremists” more than “watching [Europe’s] very humane, moral response to the refugee crisis,” he told teleSUR.

Indeed, according to a 2012 report of the US National Counterterrorism Center, between 82 percent and 97 percent of the victims of religiously motivated terror attacks during the previous five years were Muslims.

The Sudden Proliferation of Anti-Refugee Legislation

Two GOP presidential hopefuls are introducing legislation to prevent or slow down the migration of Syrian refugees to the United States. Sen. Ted Cruz is reportedly drafting a bill that would forbid Syrian Muslim refugees from entering the United States. It would, however, welcome Christians. Sen. Rand Paul will introduce a bill to place an immediate moratorium on US visas, preventing refugees and “others from obtaining visas to immigrate, visit, or study in the US from about 30 countries that have significant jihadist movements.” Paul plans to pay for the legislation “with a special tax on arms sales to any of these countries.”

Later this week, a subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee will take up security matters related to Syrian refugees.

To their credit, all three Democratic presidential candidates favor Obama’s plan to admit 10,000 Syrians this year. “We will not be terrorized or live in fear. During these difficult times, we will not succumb to Islamophobia,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said. “We will not turn our backs on the refugees who are fleeing Syria and Afghanistan. We will do what we do best and that is be Americans – fighting racism, fighting xenophobia, fighting fear.”

“There are women, there are children dying,” observed Martin O’Malley. “They are fleeing the same sort of carnage that was unleashed on the people of France … I don’t think it’s too much to ask of us that we do our part here.” Hillary Clinton tweeted, “We’ve seen a lot of hateful rhetoric from the GOP. But the idea that we’d turn away refugees because of religion is a new low.”

There is no evidence that refugees pose a security risk. The Paris attackers were not refugees, although one of them used a fake Syrian passport; they were born in Europe. Since 1980, none of the millions of refugees the United States has welcomed – many of them from the Middle East – has committed a terrorist attack. The 9/11 hijackers entered the United States legally on student or tourist visas. The Boston Marathon bombers were not refugees.

The charge that refugees are a threat to the United States is a tempest in a teapot. If we want to stop terrorism, we should stop killing innocent civilians in other countries.

Bombing Is Not the Solution

Western airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria have killed at least 459 civilians, including more than 100 children, according to the Guardian. French President François Hollande retaliated for the Paris attacks by bombing Raqqa,Women’s Nike Miami Dolphins Customized Elite Alternate Orange Football Jersey Shirts, thought to be the “headquarters” of ISIS. Raqqa is a city with hundreds of thousands of civilians. The bombs struck the electricity grid, a museum and clinics. Untold numbers of people have been injured or killed in the strikes.

The invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and drone bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Syria have not destroyed ISIS. Military retaliation is exactly what ISIS wants.

Four former Air Force service members who operated drones wrote an open letter to Obama saying that the drone program has “fueled the feelings of hatred that ignited terrorism and groups like ISIS, while also serving as a fundamental recruitment tool similar to Guantanamo Bay.”

Brandon Bryant, Michael Haas, Stephen Lewis and Cian Westmoreland maintained that the killing of civilians in drone strikes has been one of the most “devastating driving forces for terrorism and destabilization around the world.”

That is why the bombing by the United States and France must stop immediately. A diplomatic solution involving all players in the region, including Iran, Russia and China, should be seriously pursued.

Arms sales must be halted. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait have spent billions of dollars arming the opposition to the Assad regime but ISIS is a beneficiary of those weapons. The French have a $10 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, and Obama has concluded more than $100 billion in arms sales to the Saudis during the past five years.

As Charles Pierce argues in Esquire, our Middle East “allies,” including the bankers and political elites, must be held accountable.Youth Nike Kansas City Chiefs Customized Elite Away White NFL Football Jersey. “Assets from these states should be frozen, all over the West,” Pierce writes.

The United States should welcome many more than the 10,000 Syrian refugees Obama has agreed to accept. We have a moral responsibility to provide refuge to those displaced by US actions, which contributed to destabilizing the entire region with invasions and regime changes since 2001. It is the vacuum we created that gave birth to ISIS.

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The fourth-year ball-carrier spent three seasons with the New Orleans Saints before joining the New England Patriots during the offseason. The Patriots parted ways with Cadet after J.J. Watt Jersey Sale Week 2 when LaGarrette Blount completed his suspension.

Cadet wasn’t short on interested employers, however. A number of teams had the running back in for workouts or showed interest, including the Patriots again.

But Cadet opted to come out west.

“It was a tough decision,” Cadet said. “This was kind of a new year for me. I’ve never gone through switching teams and going through visits and different things like that. I feel J.J. Watt Wisconsin Jersey like San Fran was a great fit for what I do.”

Cadet added that an injury in training camp set him back, but now that he’s returned to full strength, he’s ready to contribute on Sundays.

The 49ers bye week came at an opportune time for the team’s newest skill player, giving him a chance to study the playbook and learn the offensive system.

“Now that I’m a part of another great organization, I’m just trying to take advantage J.J. Watt Women’s Jersey of the opportunity,” Cadet said. “It’s about learning their way for how they do things. You learn every day. What you put in is what you get out.”

During his time with the Saints, Cadet served mostly as a receiving specialist out of the backfield and as a Custom Texans Jersey return man on special teams.

The Appalachian State alum has 46 career receptions (one of those coming with the Patriots this season) and two receiving touchdowns, compared to just 11 carries on the ground. Cadet also has 1,293 career kick-return yards.

Despite not being heavily featured in the Saints J.J. Watt Youth Jersey ground game, Cadet told the media that he is capable of contributing to all aspects of the 49ers offense.

“Everyone knows me for my receiving, but I just want to do everything: running, blocking, receiving, special teams,” Cadet said. “Whatever they need me to do, I’m here to do.”

Cadet also has two games of experience playing against San Francisco’s next opponent, the Seattle Seahawks. The ball-carrier said that communication is the most important J.J. Watt Red Jersey thing in trying to deal with the noise at CenturyLink Field.

The short passing game could also be a way to offset the Seahawks potent pass rush, Cadet said. Seattle tallied six sacks in the first meeting between the two teams this season.

“Check downs will be big against a team like Seattle,” Cadet said. “They’re big, they have speed and they try to keep J.J. Watt Jersey everything in front of them. Check downs will be big to get them off balance a little bit.”